7 Ultimate Sofa Cafe Tips to Increase its Longevity

Ultimate Sofa Cafe Tips to Increase its Longevity main

A Yorkshire sofa typically sees a lot of family life, according to a study by DFS, with Yorkies spending as much as 35 hours a week snuggled up in their living rooms over the winter months. As such a main player in the Yorkshire life, and that of many Brits across the country, these 10 tips can help you preserve your designer sofas functionality in all its comfort and glory, ensuring you get every penny’s worth out of this essential piece of furniture.

General maintenance for fabric and leather sofas

Properly caring for your sofa will prevent general wear and tear along with minor mistreatment from premature ageing. A weekly brush or vacuum of your fabric sofa should dislodge any dirt buildup which could otherwise discolour it and aggravate allergies. Leather sofas are also best cared for with a regular vacuum to remove dust and dirt and and an occasional wipe down with a damp microfibre cloth.

Treating leather sofas

To keep your leather sofa looking great for longer, you can also apply a conditioning treatment every 6 to 12 months. This can help to keep the leather soft and supple and protect it from the varying temperatures in your living room at different times of the day and throughout the year, which can otherwise cause the leather to become hard and cracked.

Conserving colour vibrancy

Both heat and sunlight can suck colour intensity out of your cherished couch, making it look dingy and reducing the aesthetic value of your lounge centrepiece. To minimise fading, place your sofa away from heat and light sources, or use preventative measures to soften intense light coming from windows.

Ultimate Sofa Cafe Tips to Increase its Longevity settee

Addressing sofa spills

In the case of a sofa spillage, resist your immediate urge to scrub which could actually make the situation worse by rubbing the substance into the material and spreading the stain. Instead, act quickly by using a damp cloth to wipe away the spill, followed by a soft dry cloth. This goes for both fabric and leather sofas. If the stain is more stubborn, or is not fresh, try some of these stain removal techniques.

Prevent slouching

When you sit in your favourite spot on your sofa again and again you might find that it moulds to your shape… and not in a good way! To get the most out of your sofa it should be offering you support and comfort, so it’s important to plump up the cushions with a good whack on all sides, flip them over if they’re double sided, and switch bits around to ensure everything gets equal wear.

Dress it up

Putting lots of accessories on your sofa can help protect it too! Having interchangeable throws that you can change with the seasons not only makes it more versatile, but it can offer a layer of protection from sunlight, dirt and spills. It is far easier to wash a throw or replace a cushion than deal with a difficult stain that falls directly on your sofa.

Take care of the feet

If the base of your sofa sits on little feet, take care around them. That means no aggressive vacuuming under the sofa and carelessly knocking the feet which could weaken them. Make sure to keep the feet tightly screws in as if one becomes loose it could sit in the wrong position and break when pressure is applied. You could also switch out your sofa legs for a sturdier design or one that you prefer to make sure they last throughout the life of your sofa.


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