Simple and Easy Tricks to Apply and Transform your Home

Simple and Easy Tricks to Apply and Transform your Home main

Sometimes it seems magical how interior designers have so many tricks up their sleeves. They pull out one and a very tiny and small space becomes spacious and comfortable. They pull another and the uncomfortably huge, too spacious area becomes cosy, stylish and warm. The third trick helps them to completely change the entire atmosphere of the home with only a few interior elements! They might pick an IKEA Poang chair cover and the colour they chose perfectly matches with other fabrics and room surroundings. Even though it looks so simple, it’s a job that requires knowledge and good taste. We want to share some clever tips that can help to easily transform one’s room without the help of a professional.

Mirrors can enlarge and light up space

Space can be easily visually enlarged by placing the mirrors in small spaces. At the same time, they can lighten up space if they are strategically placed across from windows. This small trick adds light to the room. You can use windows to fill the empty space on a wall. Mirrors can become a great replacement for wall paintings and other art pieces that decorates the wall.

Simply make it comfortable

If you feel like your home resembles more a museum than a home, it‘s probably worth paying extra attention to making it cosier. Adding this feeling can drastically change the interior. For instance, dedicate a corner in your room for comfy chairs covered with soft coloured IKEA Poang chair cover. Near chairs place a coffee table, put a rug underneath and you here you have a cosy place for chatterings. Also, various blankets laying on the sofa or armchair add a lot of comfort as well.

Simple and Easy Tricks to Apply and Transform your Home wall

Pick one wall and make it an accent wall

Accent walls are a great way to transform home by a considerably small and inexpensive change. This step is not something drastic, so it’s perfect for someone, who would like to experiment with wall colours, however, don‘t have time or don‘t want to dedicate a lot of it for home renovating process. Just remember: it‘s significant to keep the balance and don‘t overdo it. If you would like to use strong patterns, choose one wall and leave others completely clean.

Also, pay attention to your home accessories. Match the colour of the wall with IKEA Poang chair cover or furniture to keep the room in harmony.

Rugs and pillows

One of the easiest and fastest ways to transform your home even by a little bit is various home accessories. For instance, it can be a huge rug or a bunch of decorative pillows on the sofa. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not only the simplest but also one of the cheapest ways to change the look of your interior design. With such accessories, you can add everything – luxury, texture, comfort. Choose according to the latest trends or based on your personal taste. For instance, cover your Poang chair with luxurious velvet or cashmere IKEA Poang chair cover.

There is no need for drastic changes if you want to renew your home interior. Sometimes it‘s enough to use your creativity and try to think outside the box. Always look at the big picture!


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