The Perfect Living Room Begins with the Perfect Sofa

Perfect Living Room Begins with the Perfect Sofa green

The Perfect Living Room Begins with the Perfect Sofa

The living room should be a reflection of personal taste and individual character. While current interior trends and styles are important, it’s personal taste that is the key to creating a perfect living room.

The most essential part of a living room is the sofa, it’s both the centrepiece as well as the most used piece of furniture. As such, the room’s interior should be styled around the sofa. In well-styled living rooms, nothing sticks out more than an out of place sofa.

Perfect Living Room Begins with the Perfect Sofa lamp

“High-end appeal”

Because of this, getting the perfect living space relies on finding the right sofa. When it comes to brightening up a living space with a focal-point sofa, consider both colour and texture, as well as context. For example, the Lennox 2 Seat Sofa’s smooth velvet upholstery and rich colour brings classy, high-end appeal and would perfectly complement a modern or chic living room. Not forgetting the sleek mid-century style legs for an extra dimension of glam.

When picking out the perfect sofa, it’s important to understand how the sofa will be used and where it will be placed. The Anderson armchair is a stylish option that can fulfil a range of needs. Its blocky shape introduces structure to a room while the leather upholstery makes a statement without taking over.

Perfect Living Room Begins with the Perfect Sofa interiors

“Centrepiece of the room”

However, it’s not enough to solely have a useful sofa in the desired style. It’s what gets put around the sofa that really makes the living room work. When placed next to a sofa, the Grasshopper floor lamp can turn the spot into a cosy corner that works as an ideal reading space while tying the look and feel of the room together. It’s sleek golden profile also has the benefit of matching the legs of the Lennox sofa and Jackson Armchair perfectly.

When it comes to designing the perfect living space, a great deal of thought should go into the sofa. It’s more than a seat, it’s the centrepiece of a room that every other piece of furniture in the room should pay tribute to. With a sofa that fits the needs of a room and suits personal tastes, almost all of the work is done.


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