Markham Windows and Doors: What Should be in the Installer’s Contract

Markham Windows and Doors What Should be In the Installer’s Contract main

Ensuring The Replacement Of Your Markham Windows And Doors Runs Smoothly

Many people usually choose to carry out Markham windows and doors replacements during the autumn season. This is because during this season the weather is favourable. Unfortunately, the project of windows and doors replacement doesn’t always bring satisfaction to people – and mainly this is because of disagreements with the installers.

This is why it is highly recommended to have a well-stipulated contract in place before the work starts. If you don’t know what you should include in your contract, this guide will help you to start. At Windowtech we have for years assisted many homeowners in their Markham windows and doors replacements and we’re proud of our successes. So, in your contract, make sure to include and agree the following tips with your contractor:

1. Date to Commence the Work.

The date your Markham windows and doors replacement project starts should be stipulated in your contract to make sure there is no chance for misunderstanding whatsoever. While a good window installer should always strive to make sure disruptions during the installation process are minimal, it is recommended that you are present during the work to know when it starts and ends.

Markham Windows and Doors What Should be In the Installer’s Contract door2. The Scope of Work.

This should be made clear between you and your contractor. The most effective way to achieve this is to put down all the details in the contract. Such details may include the total number of doors and windows to be replaced and their price. If there is a need for the remedial work after the project, make sure you include that too.

3. Completion Date.

This is as important as the date of commencement of the work. The expected completion date should be written in your contract for Markham windows and doors replacement. Obviously, smaller projects should take a shorter time to complete than bigger projects.

4. Penalty Clause.

Sometimes a contractor starts the work, and he is unable to finish it fully. In the event of this happening, there should be well laid down terms and conditions agreed on the penalties to follow as a result of the inconvenience. In most cases, the main penalties are fines that are usually deducted from the total agreed cost of the window installation. However, it is up to you to choose what kind of penalties you want in case this unfortunate event happens. This usually ensures fair play in the project execution.

5. Insurance Cover.

You don’t want to hire an installer for your window installation project as the consequences can be catastrophic. So before anything else, make sure your contractor you intend to work with has an insurance cover. Any reputable doors and windows company Markham should have comprehensive liability insurance.


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