Make Your Living Room Stand Out With These Important Details

Make Your Living Room Stand Out With These Important Details rugs

Make Your Living Room Stand Out With These Important Details

Sometimes, when you’re talking about decor, it can be hard to drum up new and exciting ideas for the space, especially if it’s small. The functionality of a space always comes first, and that can sometimes leave less room for creativity and personality. When you’re talking about living room decor, very often the problem is the opposite: There are so many pieces to think about.

The living room is a high traffic area for both family and guests. Whether you choose a formal sitting room style, or a causal family space, the devil is always in the details. If you’re looking for ways to elevate your living room, here are some of the details you should be considering.

Area Rugs

Rugs add comfort, charm and style. You can choose a contrasting pattern to your furniture, or simply work with the colour scheme of the room. The important thing is to remember to get the right size for the area. Anywhere you find rugs for sale will have a size guide to help.

A good rule of thumb is to use smaller rugs when you are trying to create sections within a space, and an area rug to provide a focal point. Two legs of each chair, couch, or end table should sit on the rug, to ensure it is anchored in the room.

Make Your Living Room Stand Out With These Important Details centrepiece

Coffee Table Centrepieces

The coffee table is usually the centre of the room. Since this is the space everyone sits, it should never be cluttered, but having a stylish centrepiece can help pull the room together. A stone or glass tray is a great addition to your living room decor. Candles are another classic option. Consider the height and size of your table to choose the size of the candles that would suit the room best. Don’t let your centrepiece look lost in a bigger coffee table!

Throw Pillows

Your living room is all about comfort, and in this case, comfort means pillows. Throw pillows, like rugs, come in all kinds of styles, sizes, and colours. This year, tassels are very in. The nice thing about throw pillows is that they’re simple to change as trends change. Choose something that you can slip into a new pillowcase when you’re ready for a new look.

Like rugs, you’ll want to make sure to get a variety of sizes: If you’ve got a huge easy chair, a tiny throw pillow will look dwarfed sitting in it, while a smaller chair will look even smaller with a big, fluffy throw pillow sitting in it. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want the space to look or feel cluttered.

Make Your Living Room Stand Out With These Important Details shelving


Shelves are one of the best ways to avoid clutter. Having shelves at different heights will keep the eye moving around the room. Another good rule of thumb is to keep things in odd sets by size.

Don’t try for any pattern, which will quickly bore you, and also any guests or friends. Instead, keep things moving by keeping them just a bit random, with knickknacks and books scattered throughout. Meanwhile, if you have a collection, or a favourite artist whose prints you love, don’t be afraid to display it proudly. It makes a great focal point for the room.


Having lamps of varying intensity, temperatures, and heights changes the ambience in the room. There are plenty of styles to choose from. You might choose to go the modern route of a simple, round shade. Will you choose white, or a bold colour? What about a more vintage feel, something like a Tiffany lamp, or something in brass? And don’t discount the ceiling.

You may want an energy-saving fan, or choose something impressive, like a formal chandelier, to round out the room. However you choose to light your space, it has a huge impact on the overall mood and feel of your space.

Your living room decor is all about choices. Do you want the space to feel more formal? Will you choose something more relaxed and playful? Is the focus on comfort, or style? Whatever you want to achieve with the mood and style of your living room, you are certainly spoiled for choice. Keep in mind the basics, and you’re sure to find the details to fill your space in every way you’re looking for.


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