Is THIS the Most Common British Living Room Fit-Out? How Does your Home Compare?

Is THIS the Most Common British Living Room Fit-Out How Does your Home Compare

We know that British couples have an average of 2.4 children, but did you know there’s an average UK living room too? Data from premier furniture retailer, has revealed a photo-fit of the nation’s most likely living room.

The photo-fit was created using sales and search data over the last 12 months from, revealing that we’re most likely to have a grey two-seater sofa, a colourful accent chair, an industrial style coffee table and vintage style floor lamps.

Scoring three or more of the most popular furniture must-haves puts you top of the trends in the interior design stakes – so keep note of how you fare.

More than a quarter of Brits (28%) opted for a grey sofa in the last 12 months, making the neutral tone the 2019 colour of choice, while the once commonplace black leather sofa was the least popular style of the last year (3%) – seeing the biggest decline in popularity.

However, the popular and subtle Scandi sofa designs were offset with pops of colour, with midnight blue (10%) and emerald green (8%) making the top five sofa and chair colour choices.

Single accent chairs in bright colours have seen a 30% surge in sales, making them one of this year’s must have home items.

Despite being a desirable luxury, corner group sofas made up just 9% of the leading furniture retailers sales, with furniture-buyers more likely to opt for two- and three-seat models.

Is THIS the most common British living room fit-out How does your home compare taskers

“Touch of character and personality”

The industrial and reclaimed furniture style is also here to stay, as the rustic wooden design was the best-selling coffee table type, making up a third of all purchases, followed by white minimal (22%) and contemporary glass (9%) designs.

Diane Cootes, furniture and design consultant at, said “It’s interesting to see which items take the top place in each list and find their way into our homes. Although trends and fashions come and go, it seems that easy to match pieces are most popular, with neutral tones and colours being used as the basis of the room’s furniture.

“Smaller, more colourful items are used to add a touch of character and personality to a room without costing the earth or committing to a vibrant colour palette for the whole room. This is one of the reasons we have seen an increase in popularity of bright accent chairs, which add a touch of comfort and colour to a home without breaking the bank. They are an easy addition to the living room, and they are easy pair and contrast with existing furniture.”

When it comes to home lighting, the industrial trend comes also leads the pack, with tripod film lights and anglepoise lamps are quickly becoming a must-have for every home in 2019, followed by contemporary chrome and glass free-standing models.

The premier retailer of world-famous brands in lounge, dining and bedroom furniture, plus carpets and flooring sells thousands of items of furniture each year, via its website and its flagship showroom in Accrington, Lancashire.

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