Installing a Motorized TV Lift Will Change Your Whole Living Room Game


Do you still believe that your living room is too small, too new, or whatever the reason is for a new TV? The thing is that if you haven`t planned a big TV in advance, it might be pretty problematic to install it later. It might simply not fit into the design. Or the place might be not sufficient for a new big item. But whatever the reason is, it looks like you haven`t considered a simple yet nice solution: a motorized TV lift.

Some people still believe that such a lift is too expensive. So, you might believe that it is something that you cannot afford. A good TV lift kit costs around 1,000 USD. We agree that the sum is quite significant. But if it too expensive for you, you can make a TV lift on your own. For that, you need a suitable furniture piece to install it, linear actuators, and some tools. Whatever option you prefer, you can be sure that a nicely installed TV lift will change the way your living room look. It will also add to the comfort level of your space.

A Motorized TV Lift Makes Your Living Room Convenient and Functional

With a motorized TV lift, your living room is going to change forever. It all depends on the installation place, on the TV and TV lift model, the installation smoothness, etc. What about checking the most practical options?

  • A ceiling TV lift: with this installation, you achieve several targets. Your home looks like a high-tech hub. A ceiling TV installation is the most complicated and expensive but it is impressive indeed. Such a TV lift also saves a lot of space. 
  • With a cabinet TV installation, you can give another life to the things that are maybe not exactly to place anymore but still, you love them. Paint your cabinet if needed, and install the motorized TV lift in it. With a click of a button, you can make your new super-advanced TV appear or disappear when needed.
  • Installing TV in a fireplace is a daring idea, however, you better avoid it if you have one of those older fireplaces. Simply put, no older model fireplace is suited for a TV. Even if you install a TV lift, your device will be managed very soon – consider drastic temperature changes, in most cases, an increased dust level, and similar. However, if you have an advanced fireplace model, check whether it has an inbuilt slot for a TV lift. Many of them have. If you are lucky enough, this is a perfect option to hide your TV in a fireplace and surprise your friends when they pass by. If you are just planning to purchase a fireplace, check the one that allows for the TV lift installation.
  • TV behind a furniture piece: your ideas about the place where to install your new TV aren`t limited to those mentioned above. You can install it anywhere, even behind a panel of your wardrobe, bookcase – wherever where you have space and what can support the weight of your new device and the installation. 

Now, the idea of the installation of a new TV set doesn`t seem so weird. However, to make things work as expected, you need to choose either a TV lift system or actuators based on some requirements.

Choose Correct Actuators for Your New TV Lift

Choosing the correct system for your new installation is not less important than selecting the TV of your dreams. If you want your new TV lift to fit properly in the space and to function smoothly, consider the following characteristics:

  • Your TV lift actuators shall have the actuators stroke length sufficient to lift your device at the needed height. 
  • The new system shall be able to lift and lower the TV weight effortlessly. 
  • Budget: even if you have saved funds to buy a new item, there still might be options that aren’t affordable.
  • Finally, your new device shall fit in the space and you shall like it.

Final Thoughts

Not everybody thinks in advance about a TV set installation. Especially it happens if you buy a new, a bigger device. It might be complicated to find a place for it, but you might be also not ready to sacrifice the device, either. In such situations, a motorized TV lift is a solution you need. 

A motorized TV lift allows you to watch TV at a comfortable height. A remote allows for lowering and lifting it.  

With it, you can keep your space arranged as usual. There is no need to look for a place for your new inhabitant. Hide it behind any suitable piece of furniture or install it on the ceiling, and the perfect living room is ready. 


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