How To Reclaim Your Home Decor Once The Kids Have Moved Out


How To Reclaim Your Home Decor Once The Kids Have Moved Out

Data released last year showed that 1 in 4 people aged up to 34 still lives with their parents.

So, it is possible your kids will stay with you long into adulthood. However, hopefully, they will find their feet earlier than their mid 30’s and enable you to reclaim your home again.

Yes, it can be an emotional minefield when the kids leave finally because ‘yay the house is finally empty’ but ‘oh no… now the house is empty’.

An Empty Nest Could Be Better Than A Full One

Empty nest syndrome is very much a real thing and it can affect a person for many years following their children moving out. The good news if you are feeling sad about your children leaving the home is that evidence released within the last few years suggests that the feelings associated with children leaving aren’t as bad as the feelings associated with sharing an adult home with adult children. According to the information released, we might feel sad when our children leave home, but if they were still living with us into adulthood, the stress of the situation could be much worse and even damaging to the relationship we have with them.

Either way, once the house does become yours once again, and you’ve had the natural grieving period for your home changing and becoming a family home still, but in a different way, the future decorating possibilities are actually, rather exciting…

A House Full Of Possibilities

Your children will continue to love you and visit you and their family home. It is natural to keep their room the same for a bit, but, there will come a time that you need to change their space and make it your space, and to adapt the rest of your home to your needs.

At first, it can seem so strange that you have an extra room and, that you don’t need to leave the conservatory as a study space, and suddenly the kitchen table doesn’t need to be suitable for university study. But soon enough, that can be really exciting because you have a house full of possibilities. In the words of cult classic Step Brothers, you’ll have “so much room for activities!”.

Getting Started With An Indulgent Afternoon Of Ideas

Allow yourself the complete indulgence to sit down and plan out a dream house. Practise some Hygge, wrap yourself in a blanket and make a hot cup of tea, or pour a fresh glass of your favourite white and allow yourself the indulgence of making a folder full of dream house ideas. Let your imagination run wild and don’t think about the money.

This first stage is just an ideas stage and it can be a bit out there, a bit adventurous and a bit ‘woah’. But it probably needs to be to switch your mind from ‘practical Mum/Dad decor’ choices to selfish, grown-up choices that are solely for your happiness. Yes there might be grandchildren to think about and practical issues relating to you or your partner and your health, and yes you have to think about your partners wants and needs..eventually. But right now, let yourself be totally selfish and indulgent and see what comes out!

Putting Plans In Place

Now you’re in the frame of mind to redecorate your home without the kids in mind, and you’ve got your indulgent ideas folder in place, you can start to make plans. This is the exciting bit, but also the scary bit because you will need to budget and make proper plans like the ones suggested in this handy decorating plan article by The Spruce.

You will need to think about what you want and what you need then combine the two for the perfect solution for your home. You might just want to start with your child’s old room, or even just by clearing away their ‘hangout’ space in the garage. Or you could just go for it and do the whole house up. It depends on your budget, time and needs. The best thing is that you are planning it and that is the very first step to transformation.

Grown Up Decor Ideas

Whether you’re thinking about coming up with a way to link the indoors to your outdoor space or popping a lick of paint on the wall to freshen the place up. To help you on your way to redecorate your house in a way that works for you and your partner after the kids have properly moved out, take a look at these great decor ideas:

  • Turn your child’s bedroom into a beautiful guest room so when they, your friends or relatives come and stay the room serves a purpose still, whilst looking great.
  • Consider an indulgent addition you couldn’t have when the kids were at home because of money or practicality, like a hot tub or a spa bathroom, wouldn’t that be fantastic?
  • Let loose with patterns, colours or styles you couldn’t have when the kids were at home because you had to please everyone with neutral styles and tones (something you don’t need to do now!).
  • Consider doing some of the work yourself for a sense of satisfaction. Something as simple as tiling bathroom walls can transform the space and provide you with a real sense of achievement.

It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure. – Ernie Harwell

It is time to embrace this new chapter of your life and redecorate your home to suit the needs of you and your partner. Be indulgent, be excited and let loose a little. You’ve spent a long time being an incredible parent and you have earnt the right to decorate the home you’ve built in exactly the way you want to.


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