How to Create the Perfect Bathroom

how to create the perfect bathroom beautiful

How to Create the Perfect Bathroom

Looking to refresh your bathroom? Interior design expert, Nancy Straughan, shares her tips…

Designing the perfect bathroom is a complex and multi-layered process, according to interior designer, Nancy Straughan. But when you get it right, you can create a haven of both style and comfort.

Nancy works with a team of experts at state-of-the-art bathroom suppliers, Hugo Oliver. Below, she shares her tips on how to get both the practical and aesthetic elements of bathroom design right.

1. Have a clear vision from the start
There are a lot of technical processes to consider when it comes to designing a bathroom. But before you get started with that, you’ll need to have a clear vision of what it’s going to look like. Mood boards at this stage are essential. I’d recommend using a tool like Pinterest, which is great for gathering inspiration. Doing this will really help your initial ideas to materialise on paper, making them easier to explain to anyone who needs to know.

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Attention to detail will bring your vision to life

2. Don’t rush over décor decisions
When it comes to bathroom design, thinking about décor can be one of the trickiest elements. As a starting point, think about colour, texture and pattern as a base. Geometric and Moroccan patterns are really popular at the moment and there are lots of bathroom pieces that incorporate this trend. Be wary of misplaced decorating schemes that jar with the style of the house too. For example, a really modern and minimalistic scheme probably wouldn’t work in an old, ornate house. Likewise, a nautical theme might not work in a home nowhere near the sea.

How to Create the Perfect Bathroom: “Think cleverly about storage, and utilise any extra space you have”

3. Consider possible future trends
If you’re keen to stay on trend and create a bathroom that remains stylish for years to come, it’s worth doing a bit of research about what’s set to become popular over the coming years. For example, dark colours are going to be huge in 2017. Having said that, if you have a small room it’s best to stick to a feature wall or dark-toned accessories, as anything more than this will make the room feel smaller.

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Interior designer Nancy Straughan: “Be wary of misplaced decorating schemes that jar with the style of the house”

4. Make the most of space and lighting
Whatever décor you go for, there are inevitably going to be various practicalities you need to consider too. If you’re bathroom has a tricky layout the best thing to do is look at small or unusually shaped bathroom fittings. There’s a good variety of small cloakroom sinks available and you can also find slimline toilets and accessories that will fit into almost any space. You may also need to think cleverly about storage, and utilise any extra space you have. For example, you could create storage underneath the bath or build shelves that recess into the wall.

5. Put time and effort into nailing a look
When trying to achieve a certain look, it’s important to look around at example bathrooms and take note of which features define it as minimalist, for example, as opposed to traditional. In this case, light colours and simple fittings go together to create the stripped back look, whereas formal interior touches and elegant accessories are more traditional. Whatever the look you go for, it’s attention to the finer details that will really bring your vision to life.


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