How to Create a Trendy Bedroom Design


How to Create a Trendy Bedroom Design

Designing a bedroom can be a lot of fun as it gives you the opportunity of creating a space that provides plenty of comfort, whilst allowing you to indulge in your more creative tendencies.

So if you’re looking to update your bedroom for 2017, then why not check out some of these stylish interior design trends.

How to Create a Trendy Bedroom Design lights

Industrial chic

Distressed wood, exposed brick, and filament light bulbs might not be the most immediately obvious items to include in your bedroom. But these hallmarks of industrial chic are everywhere in 2017, and there’s no reason why you cannot implement them in some stylish ways.

Whilst many of us might not want to transform our bedrooms into Manhattan lofts, some of these warm industrial items like cage pendant lamps, metal dressers and wire baskets can add some urban chic to your bedroom. And don’t forget to throw in a faux fur rug for an added touch of comfort!

How to Create a Trendy Bedroom Design hygge

Embrace the hygge

The Danish lifestyle trend of hygge was a massive hit last year, and its influence lives on in our bedrooms in 2017.

This trend is all about comfort and it gives us all the perfect excuse to embrace lots of warm wooden finishes like walnut and oak, whilst indirect light from soft lampshades and candles will also boost the hygge effect.

And there are few pieces of furniture more hygge-friendly than the humble bed. So be sure to think about how a comfortable king size bed, from Bedstar or others, could really ramp up the comfort factor when matched with plenty of floral fabrics and cosy textures in your soft furnishings.

How to Create a Trendy Bedroom Design lightingTropical charms

Whilst the British summer has once again failed to provide much sunshine, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce some on-trend tropical themes into your bedroom.

Items like pineapple lamps, jungle-themed wallpaper, and butterfly motifs on cushions are everywhere in 2017. And the ability to redecorate your room with bold and unusual colours like teal, aquamarine and olive green are a surefire way to banish the beige.

This is a look that might not be for everyone, but its flamboyant use of mismatched colours and wild patterns like kilim are a great reminder that our bedrooms are places where we can really let our imaginations run riot.

And so whilst there are plenty of sensible designs and cost-effective ideas like buy now pay later beds, it’s nice to know that some aesthetics in our bedrooms are willing to be a little more wild!


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