How to Create a Multi-Purpose Guest Room

How to create a multi-purpose guest room main

There’s probably a spare bedroom in your house that functions as a guest room, which lies empty 99% of the time and simply fills up with the general debris that comes with family life.

It’s a waste of space to have a cluttered, occasionally used single function room like this, instead you should turn this valuable space into an essential room in your house.

Plan your vision

A multi-purpose guest room requires a plan to get the most from it, so first you will need know what kind of function you want from it. If space is at a premium in your house and you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the home, you should consider creating a home office/guest room. Alternatively, if you already have a home office, you could create an exercise room that has space for yoga, meditation, or includes a treadmill and a few weights. If you’re the arts and craft type (or you have some kids/grandchildren), you could also create a space for crafts and games.

How to create a multi-purpose guest room furniture

Get multi-functional furniture

Once you have decided on the type of multi-purpose guest room you want, you will need to look at getting multi-functional furniture that suits both purposes.

The first thing you’ll need to look at is your bed solution; there are a number of options here that you can look at, like a sofa bed, pull out bed, or a day bed. The type of bed you buy depends on your needs and the space available in the room.

You will also need to consider how a desk fits into the room, and whether you need a pull out desk, built-in desk, or simply a desk that is movable. If you have a smaller space, there are options for bed/desk combinations for extra functionality. Some beds also come with storage space underneath the bed for extra functionality.

When it comes to storage, think about how it will work for both the home office and any guests that stay over. Storage will most likely be shared between your papers and files for work, general family storage, as well as clothes that any guests will have with them.

How to create a multi-purpose guest room spare

Create a calm environment

If you’re building an office/guestroom combination you will need to create an environment conducive to both work and rest. To this end, you need a cohesive design that inspires both work and rest. Declutter the area and ensure that you have plenty of storage space for putting your work away when guests are over. The space will require shelving and closets for storage, as well as the ability to change purpose depending on whether you are using it for office work or hosting a guest.

The room should offer a calm space, so make sure that you can clear away any sensitive items and try not to over-decorate the room either. Try and keep the art and décor in the room simple with neutral colours, allowing anyone to feel at home and creating a calm atmosphere.

Finishing touches

If you have a more generous spaced room, you can also consider using furniture to divide the room – using a bookcase or small sofa, which helps to give your guests the feeling of privacy.

Whatever way you plan to use your multi-functional guest room, these multi-purpose room ideas will really help you to maximise the space from the room.


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