How to Build a Restaurant Around a Small Space

How to Build a Restaurant Around a Small Space main

Space is one of the biggest issues that restaurant owners have to deal with as properties are often relatively small but it is essential that your customers have enough space to eat comfortably, plus you must also make sure that staff can easily navigate their way around the restaurant. Here are a few tips for making the most of a small space.


The seating that you choose is one of the most important decisions yet one which is often overlooked by restaurant owners. You must at all costs avoid overcrowding your restaurant with chairs as this can make it stressful, uncomfortable and hard to walk around. Make sure that your chairs are comfortable but can also nearly tuck under the table when not in use.

Kitchen Equipment

You need to make sure that you have good kitchen equipment so that you can cook high-quality meals each day but this equipment can take up a huge amount of space. A good solution is to purchase small kitchen equipment, such as an undercounter freezer and fridge which you can find at places like Nisbets. This can free up a huge amount of space but it also means that you are still using reliable, high-quality equipment.

How to Build a Restaurant Around a Small Space interior


The restaurant layout must be carefully considered and will have a direct impact on your success. You need to make sure that customers and staff can easily walk around the restaurant and that people have enough space so that they can comfortably eat and this is challenging in a small space and you will want to have as many tables and chairs as possible.

In terms of layout, less is more and it is better to have fewer happy customers than many unhappy ones. You could opt to have counter-side seating and tables around the kitchen to maximise space and give your customers a unique dining experience.


Clever use of decor can make a small space feel much bigger. Maximise natural light with as many windows as possible and use strategically placed mirrors to reflect the light and make the space seem bigger. You can also opt for a soft white shade on the walls to make the room look and feel bigger and airier.

It is hard to work with a small space as a restaurant owner but there are always ways that you can manage so that you can provide an enjoyable dining experience for your guests and make it easy and safe for people to walk around the restaurant.


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