Hinged Vs. Sliding Doors – Comparison of Wardrobes

Hinged Vs Sliding Doors Comparison of Wardrobes main

Your wardrobe is an integral part of your bedroom space. You certainly don’t want to overdo things and go for a design that’s too much nor do you want to hold back and fail to turn your space into something breathtaking.

It can be as simple as choosing between hiding doors and sliding doors. But hold up! Before scampering away in excitement to begin fabricating your new wardrobe, here is a detailed comparison of both options.

Hinged Wardrobe Doors

This type of wardrobe door is fixed onto the frame using hinges. Some of the main reasons why the hinged door design is preferred include,

• Level of Visibility and Versatility

When you open the hinged doors, you get a full picture of where everything inside your wardrobe is. What’s more, you may install racks, pockets, or hooks onto the doors to hang your delicate chains, hoop earrings, clips, ties and belts and so on.

• Feature Variable Designs

When it comes to colour, material, shape, and size, hinged doors offer you more variety. Here, you are free to use glass, metal, wood or laminate materials to make the shutters. Besides, if yours is a slopped wardrobe design, you can create a sloped shutter hinged door to go with the same shape.

Hinged Vs Sliding Doors Comparison of Wardrobes bedroom

• Easy to Customise

Care for more texture and other decorative features? The good thing about a wardrobe with hinged doors is that you can play around with the design without having to pull down the entire structure. In this case, you can turn your hinged door into folding doors, use leather lining to bring in texture, or even use brass handles to match your bedroom décor.

Some of the downsides that come with having hinged wardrobe doors include,

• The Need for Extra Space

If yours is a smaller sized bedroom or you’re going for a minimalist design, the hinged door wardrobe design may not be for you. This because they are designed to open outwards and therefore take up more space. Compared to the sliding door design, you would need enough extra space to open and close the shutters without other obstacles blocking your way.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Here, the doors have floor tracks on which the shutters move right or left to open or shut. Certain features about this type of wardrobe that makes it stand out. They include,

• Doesn’t Need Extra Space to Open

Whether opening or shutting the door, you need no extra space. The shutters are designed to slide into each other giving you the chance to see everything inside your wardrobe. Fitted Wardrobes by FCI London are an ideal choice if you are looking for a very compact design.

Hinged Vs Sliding Doors Comparison of Wardrobes interiors

• Ideal for Long Wardrobe Designs

Swinging or hinged doors have certain limitations regarding their width and height. But when it comes to sliding doors, you are free to use sliding doors that measure as long as need be.

• Sleek Appearance

Sliding doors give your bedroom a modern feel that other wardrobe designs don’t. They have neat lines and a minimalist design that gives your space a sleek, contemporary look.

Some of the shortcomings of using sliding doors include,

• The Need for Extra Caution

You must always exercise care not to bang or move the shutter too quickly in case it jams or worse, it breaks.

• Limited Visibility

The far end of the wardrobe is always covered when using sliding doors. It may, therefore, be difficult or take longer to find specific items that you need from your wardrobe.

So what will it be? Hinged doors or sliding doors? Both are easy to use and require very little maintenance to operate desirably. Whichever choice you make, you have enough information in this brief comparison to help you decide.


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