A Guide to Picking the Right Chandelier for Your House

A Guide to Picking the Right Chandelier for Your House main

Chandeliers make your house look elegant and luxurious. However, to attain this look, you need to have to the right kind of chandelier for your house. It must be placed in the right place and suspended from the right height. When it is properly installed, it becomes the most dazzling centrepiece in your home. There are various factors to consider when looking for the best Chandelier Lighting for your home. They are:

1. The Size of the Chandelier

You should consider the size of the room against the size of the chandelier. The chandelier you choose should be able to complement the room, décor and the furniture so they look at their best. For instance, when choosing the chandelier for the dining room, ensure it will fit above the middle of the dining table. If you have a longer dining table, you can consider hanging two smaller chandeliers, instead of using one large chandelier. Do not go for the chandelier that is wider than the dining table. Choose the small-sized chandeliers for smaller rooms. For the living room, a mid-sized chandelier will be perfect. The large chandeliers are mostly installed on the entryway. If you have a higher ceiling, consider settling for a longer chandelier.

A Guide to Picking the Right Chandelier for Your House colour

2. The Location

Have in mind where you want to suspend the chandelier. Unlike the traditional places associated with the chandelier, i.e. the living room and the dining room, you can use chandeliers in other places in your house, such as the kitchen and the bedroom. For the bedroom, perhaps you can hang one just above your bed. You can choose low wattage bulbs to prevent glaring lights. You can pick a small-sized chandelier for the bathroom and hang it above the bathtub. While for the kitchen, you can have the chandelier installed on the top of the kitchen island.

3. Type of Chandelier

Remember the primary role of the chandelier is lighting and creating a warm ambience for your space. You can choose the type of chandelier you want depending on the décor and your own style. There is a wide variety to choose from and there are many different shades. The most common ones have fabric or glass shades. Other types of chandeliers are tiered chandeliers, candelabra, beaded, crystal or the reversible. Pick one that suits your style and house décor.

A Guide to Picking the Right Chandelier for Your House bulbs

4. The Chandelier Bulbs

This is an important factor to consider when looking for a good chandelier. Look at the colour of the bulbs, the lumen, the temperatures, and the wattage. These factors will influence the quality of lighting in your room. Bulbs that produce too much heat can be uncomfortable. While too bright bulbs will cause too much light glare, which is also uncomfortable. Consider choosing the LED light bulbs. They consume less energy thus low energy costs. Additionally, warm white colours provide cool temperatures and you can use them for your bedroom or living room. For the kitchen, study and working areas, you can go for bright warm white light.

5. The Style

Your style and preference is important when you are picking the right chandelier for your house. The type of the chandelier you pick should complement the general décor of your house.

Choosing the right chandelier for your house can be challenging. There are so many things you need to know and consider when looking for the right chandelier for your house. Remember to make sure you select the chandelier that complements the style and the décor of each room and consider the height of the ceiling. Then you’ll be on the right path to the perfect chandelier.


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