Creating Your Own Home Cinema Room

Creating Your Own Home Cinema Room

Creating Your Own Home Cinema Room

If you’ve got a room spare in your home and you fancy adding a bit of luxury, then a home cinema room may be the answer. Home cinema rooms are perfect for entertaining guests.

Here are a few top tips for creating your own home cinema room…

1. Equipment

The first decision you need to make is whether to buy a projector and screen or a large television. One of the advantages of viewing your favourite movies using a projector rather than a television screen is the size of the screen – projectors can display your movie at huge sizes! Projectors are also very affordable, but they do come with drawbacks. Projectors need to be used in rooms which allow you to block out all ambient light, the lamps need changing every so often and they can sometimes be noisy because of their built-in fans.

If you’re not too fussed about a huge screen size then you may want to consider a television instead. Although smaller, televisions are now readily available in some large sizes with incredible picture quality. Not only this, with the popularity of smart TVs you can stream movies and TV series straight to your TV over your Wi-Fi connection.

Choosing a high-quality home cinema kit which includes your Blu-ray, DVD player and surround sound is a crucial part of your home cinema room. After all, great audio is all part of the movie experience. Don’t compromise by choosing a cheap low-quality audio solution. Technology retailers often have advisers who can help you choose the best option for your requirements.

Creating Your Own Home Cinema Room projector

2. Choose Your Seating

Movies can be very long and mean you’re sitting for lengthy periods of time. With this in mind it’s important that you choose seating which is going to be comfortable. Avoid hard wooden or plastic chairs. Comfortable leather chairs such as recliner chairs from Fenetic are a great option and are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit your interior design. Some even come with heat and massage functions and drinks holders.

3. Buy A Popcorn Machine

Let’s face it, no cinema is complete without popcorn and so your home cinema room should be no different. Arguably the best cinema snack, popcorn is the perfect movie accompaniment. If you’re looking for a popcorn maker which is small, quick and easy to use but inexpensive there are a variety of options available online for less than £20! To complete your popcorn experience, why not ditch the bowls and buy some American style plastic popcorn boxes?

Creating Your Own Home Cinema Room popcorn

4. Choosing A Room

Choosing where in your property you will build your home cinema is an important consideration. It’s important to consider factors such as whether the room is large enough, whether sound from the cinema room will disturb the rest of the house and your neighbours, whether the room already has carpet (which is better for acoustics than a hard floor) and whether the room has dimmable lighting. Once you’ve chosen your room you can then get creative planning your interior style, there are some fantastic home cinema room design ideas on Pinterest.

So, if you have a spare room such as an unused bedroom or perhaps a converted attic room which you want to make use of, why not consider a home cinema room? It can provide great entertainment for your family and friends as well as a place to relax. Our tips can help you get started!

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