Creating the Ultimate Yorkshire Bolthole – What Your Home Needs


Creating a comfy and welcoming home can be difficult depending on your style and what you are searching for in terms of comfort. After all, some people might be at home amongst pure minimalism whereas others can like clutter. No matter what you prefer, there are some pieces which can be considered classic and cohesive no matter what type of design style you have. For example, wood flooring will always look stunning in any home you place it in and you can browse some ideas here – Let’s take a look at some of the other choices you could make around your home now. 

A Shaker Kitchen

Design trends come and go but none has lasted so long as the desire for shaker kitchens. These have been popular for over 100 years and their iconic door design can be seen in kitchens up and down the country. One reason why they are so popular is that they fit into so many different design aesthetics. With some clever choices like the colour of the cupboard doors or the material used for the countertops, you could very easily make your kitchen look as contemporary or as modern as possible or part of a welcoming country kitchen.

You can combine this as you choose with some of the latest appliances. Even the most traditional of country kitchens could use a home hub or a coffee machine nowadays. If you don’t want all of your technical things on display at all times, take a look into worktops within cupboards. It is entirely possible to find specially constructed cabinets which have a piece of worktop hidden away inside so you can keep any appliances which might mess with the aesthetics of your kitchen out of sight. 

A Range Cooker

If you are more inclined to head down the country kitchen route, then you are going to need to find yourself a range cooker. The two most popular in the UK are still the Rayburn and the AGA. These help to form a real heart to your home and can be your only oven or combined with a conventional one depending on your needs. 

They are multipurpose devices which are capable of heating rooms and taking the place of other much-needed household appliances such as the tumble dryer. If you feel like you want to consolidate your appliances down into one useful source then you should think about a range cooker.

A Mini Spa

Who says that you have to go to an actual spa to relax? Your bathroom is just a few short steps away from getting transformed into a little spa just for you. Think about the most relaxing qualities of your favourite spa. It might be easier than you think to emulate it. An essential oil diffuser and the right fluffy towels might be all you need to properly bring it together.

However, there are some other choices you could make. A wooden floor in a bathroom is super-luxurious and you can even find ones which have been specially treated for use in a bathroom here – If you are thinking about using a wooden floor in your bathroom, you must get one which is properly treated to avoid warping and other damage which could be caused by moisture. 

A Mudroom

Whether you have been out for a walk in the Dales or you just don’t like shoes on in your home, a mudroom is a great choice for all sorts of different households. Opting to have one of these small rooms where everyone can strip off and deal with their muddy clothes can be great for you if you like to keep the rest of the house immaculate. 

Make sure that this room has an easy-to-clean floor, shoe stands, and hooks on the walls for coats and other clothing. If you can combine a mudroom and a utility room, you will also have a washing machine right there where you can sling any dirty clothes and get them started as soon as possible. 

A Cosy Sitting Room

So often, it comes down to the kitchen and the sitting room for what is the true heart of the home. Many people would put forward the kitchen as that is where you create the food which brings the family together, but the sitting room is also often used as the room to bring everyone together to relax in. Due to this, you want to make sure that it is as comfy and cosy as possible. 

One of the best style choices you can make in a sitting room is neutral sofas. It might sound a little basic, but a neutral sofa can easily be dressed up or down as you need. If you like the idea of a bright sitting room, a neutral sofa can be buried underneath fun throws or bright cushions. It can, therefore, be made to match any colour you paint the walls or things can easily be moved around if you like to switch things up between seasons. 

A Bolthole for You

When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom for you, it should be for you and you alone (although it will obviously reflect your partner too if you have one). When it comes to the bedding itself, there is nothing nicer than clean, white sheets. They are hospitality-standard for a reason so you should think about incorporating them in your home to bring a little bit of a hotel to you. You might also want to think about upgrading your pillows or duvet if you can to give yourself an overall more cushioned and pleasant sleep.

Try to organise the rest of the room as best as you can. Clutter is not good for us when it comes to a sleeping environment and there are plenty of affordable storage solutions out there for you to take advantage of. Don’t be afraid to instigate regular clear-outs to make sure you always have a little space; especially if you are an avid shopper always buying the latest releases. 

A Little Bit of Your Family Too

If you have children living with you, allow them to take the lead in decorating their own rooms. From choosing a colour to picking out furniture, there are plenty of ways you can work together to create the perfect room for them. You can even retain a little control whilst appearing to give them freedom; giving them an affordable catalogue to pick from for furniture is a great way to do so. 

Take the time to search for decorations which they are going to love for a very long time. If your child is quite small, make sure the room is one which they can grow into. The same can be said for a tween; you ideally want the room to be as suitable for them as a teenager as it is now.

A Welcoming Hallway

To crown everything off, you want a clean and impressive hallway to welcome everyone into your home. One of the best choices for a hallway is always going to be a wood flooring and you can browse many different options which could suit your hallway here-

The hallway is often the first place many people will see in your home so it should help to set the tone for the rest of the house. Try to pick colours and patterns which help to draw people away from the door and forward into the rest of the house. Choices like this are simple enough but they can really help someone to feel welcome when they come into your home. Ideally, you want someone to walk through your front door and instantly know what to expect from the rest of the house.

A Home for You

Most crucially of all, your Yorkshire bolthole must scream of you from all sides. It does not matter how you are choosing to decorate your home and what design aesthetics you like the most. For a house to become a home, you need to know how to put your own personal stamp on it. It could be something as simple as hanging up some photographs of treasured memories you might have or it might involve getting your children to create some new and interesting artwork for your home. 

You also have to remember that your home is not always going to look like it has stepped out of the pages of a magazine. There are going to be days when it is messy and days when it is clean. You ultimately want to create a space which can shift and change with the lives of you and the other people in your home. If you can do that, you will have put together the perfect bolthole right here in the heart of Yorkshire. Take a look at your current home and start to make a list of improvements you could make. They might be easier than you think to implement!


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