Creating a Timeless Look for Your Bathroom

Creating a Timeless Look for Your Bathroom main

Considering the substantial amounts of time we spend in the bathroom, we should each endeavour to ensure that our bathrooms are stylish and functional. Unfortunately, because bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home, we usually don’t have a lot of space to work with, which perhaps explains why most of our bathrooms are drab, unattractive little places.

Space should not be the factor that keeps you from creating a timeless bathroom look that is functional and stylishly pleasant depending on your individual taste.

To create a timeless look for your bathroom, keep this one, very important thing in mind: design and functionality matters:

#: Mind the design and functionality

When looking to rent or buy a new home, pay attention to the bathroom and spend a few minutes in there thinking about the style and feel of your bathroom. Among other things:

• Think of the placement of the shower, bathtub, or both. A timeless bathroom look is one that matches your tastes and preferences especially in relation to functionality. A shower cubicle you never use equals wasted space – unless you install a freestanding bathtub in there (more on this later).
• Think of the sink and its placement. A double sink, a common feature in most master bedrooms, is especially ideal because it means better functionality and design – you can use Feng Shui design such as simple plants to decorate the vanity and make it stylish.
• Pay attention to the storage, an especially important functionality aspect of a bathroom. With bathroom storage spaces, you want to get the best value for your money, which necessitates the need to consider being minimal with what you choose to store in your bathroom spaces – especially because most of these spaces are small.
• The toilet is of significant influence; consider its location. A functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom space is one where the placement of the toilet seat does not negatively influence the functionality of the bathroom.

Creating a Timeless Look for Your Bathroom freestanding bath

NOTE: Given that bathroom spaces are small, if you like baths but your bathroom space does not have a bathtub, consider installing a freestanding bath from Bathroom Luxuries. Freestanding baths are a great way to use walk-in shower cubicles or a different area of the bathroom.

In addition to adding a level of stylish elegance to a bathroom, freestanding baths are flexible, distinctive, are available in different shades, designs, and functionalities, and are impressively cheap-ish and easy to install – if you feel so inclined, you can even install it yourself, of course after a few hours of furiously watching DIY YouTube videos!

To achieve a timeless bathroom look that leaves you feeling happy and comfortable each time you bath or shower, you also need to pay attention to the ambience within your bathroom.

#: Mind the ambience

On ambience, which is a significant part of creating a stylish bathroom look and feel, you want to:

1. Consider the colour scheme: Here, go for colours that make you happy and that give you calm or peace of mind; a bathroom should be a relaxed and calm place, a place where you can figuratively wash your troubles away. Go with a colour scheme that feels personally right!

2. The lighting matters: With lighting, again, you are free to play around with your ideal lighting fixtures. The basic rule here is to ensure your bathroom has the four important types of lighting: accent, sparkle, decorative and task. Ensure your task light allows you to view yourself well; a bulb fixture of 75-100 watts should do. Accent lighting is artsy lighting meant to show off a fixture such as a freestanding bath. For decorative lamps, go for lighting fixtures that give your bathroom a sparkle. For ambient light, lighting fixtures that fill your bathroom with ample light are ideal.


In addition to the above, enhance the stylishness of your bathroom by using plants, natural elements, and Feng Shui/Ma designs structures. Keep things simple and elegant; clutter makes a bathroom too busy.

To create a timeless bathroom room look, the primary thing to keep in mind is the functionality of the space and your personal preference. Aim to create a bathroom space that makes you happy.


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