Common Household Stains: Remedies and Removal

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal cooking oil (2)

Common Household Stains: Remedies and Removal

While we all know it’s not possible to keep our house looking pristine all year round, the inevitability of stains is still bound to strike fear into our hearts. Whether it’s from food, dirt or your morning coffee, read on to learn the best ways of tackling household stains with help from our guide.

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal cooking oil (1)

Cooking oil

It’s unsurprising that cooking oil is one of the most common household stains we have to deal with. With aprons and oven mitts frequently forgotten, oil is easily spilt or splashed onto our clothes. Using products with grease-fighting properties, like Fairy Liquid, will significantly reduce the appearance of the stain by drawing out the oil. So, don’t fret! Follow the steps below to keep your clothes looking as good as new:

1. Act as quickly as possible to treat the stain to help increase the chances of it diminishing.
2. Read the label — hot water is usually necessary so make sure this won’t damage your clothes.
3. Blot the stain with paper towel to extract as much of the oil as possible.
4. Pour some Fairy Liquid or dishwasher detergent onto the stain and use an old toothbrush to gently rub it in circular motions.
5. Rinse the soap off with water.
6. Repeat if the stain persists.
7. Wash in a washing machine at the highest possible heat when the stain is no longer visible to you.

Due to its greasy consistency, oil can be very stubborn to remove and may require something more than a home remedy. If you can’t make it to the dry-cleaners, you can now get your laundry collected, professionally cleaned and delivered with Laundrapp, to help you budge those stains that just won’t quit!

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal coffee


The morning caffeine fix is often a big rush for a lot of us. Trying to remember to do everything in the last 5 minutes before you have to be out of the door can see some catastrophic coffee spillages. But, you can quickly remove a coffee stain with a household staple — eggs! Separate your yolk from the white and use the following remedy to watch it work its magic!

1. Beat the egg yolk till it’s a runny liquid.
2. Work into the coffee stain with a clean cloth for about a minute.
3. Rinse the stain with water until all egg is removed.

If the stain is on your clothes, rub a bit of laundry detergent and cold water into the stain and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Toss it in the washing machine for a quick tumble and it’ll be right as rain!

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal red wine

Red wine

You’ve just settled down for the evening with a relaxing glass of wine, only for it to be not so relaxing. Red wine is notorious for its staining power, but that’s not to say there’s no remedy for it. Treatment can differ depending on what type of material the stain is on, but these are the general tips for red wine spills on upholstery:

1. Dab at the stain with kitchen roll — don’t rub!
2. Mix together a tablespoon of dishwasher detergent with cool water.
3. Sponge the stain with the solution.
4. Blot until all of the liquid has been absorbed.
5. Repeat sponging and blotting process until the stain goes.
6. Pour on some cold water and blot dry when the stain has been removed.

If the stain is too deep to remove, investing in a product like this Lakeland Wine No More! stain remover will help to ease your mind when your glass takes a tumble.

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal pet pets

Pet stains

Our fluffy friends can be a blessing, although most definitely sometimes in disguise when they leave undesirable stains on our cream carpets. Luckily for us — and them! — it’s quite straightforward to remove mild pet stains.

1. Blot the stain as much as possible with kitchen roll.
2. Soak the stain in white vinegar.
3. Mix baking soda into the white vinegar on the stain.
4. Leave for a few hours or even overnight.
5. Hoover the baking soda away.

If the stain still hasn’t come out, try a stronger stain remover specifically tailored for pet stains like Bissell’s Oxy Stain Destroyer.

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal scuff marks

Scuff marks

It’d be impossible to locate the exact time every scuff mark on the skirting board appeared, so being able to react quickly is unlikely. However, whether you kicked your shoes off with too much force or your shopping bag scraped a little too hard against the wall, there’s only one universal treatment you need. Investing in a Doktor Power Magic Eraser from JML will have you covered through any eventuality, and can help to remove even the oldest of scuffs.

1. Dampen the magic eraser.
2. Scrub the scuff mark gently.
3. Repeat the above until the mark has completely gone.

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal mud


It’s any homeowner’s worst nightmare when they see somebody trailing mud through their house, but don’t panic!

1. Wait for the mud to dry. Don’t touch it when the track has just been laid down: you’ll make things a lot worse.
2. Hoover up as much mud as possible once it’s dry.
3. Mix a tablespoon of dishwasher detergent with warm water.
4. Blot the stain with the solution, using a clean cloth.
5. Absorb the solution with another dry cloth as you go.
6. Repeat until the stain has gone.
7. Sponge cold water onto the stain and blot with another to seal the deal.

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal grass


Just like mud, it’s easy for grass stains to transfer from the outdoors. You can usually tackle grass stains with a good old homemade treatment.

1. Make a solution of cool water and one tablespoon of dishwasher detergent.
2. Sponge the stain with a clean white cloth, working from the outside in.
3. Blot the stain until the liquid has absorbed.
4. Repeat until the green stain has gone.
5. Remove the cleaning solution with cold water and a clean sponge.

Grass stains are difficult because they’re a combination stain, so sometimes they need a little bit more elbow grease than your own solution. Using a professional cleaning product like Vanish Carpet & Upholstery Spray should help to tackle any outstanding stains.

Common Household Stains Remedies Removal ink


Probably the most surprising cleaning hack of the lot. Ink can be a real pain, and the fact that it disperses easily through certain fabrics makes it even more of a recipe for disaster. Follow this unusual tip and watch your worries — and the stain! — fade away.
1. Spray the stain with hairspray.
2. Blot it with a cloth.
3. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.
4. Brush over the area and hoover to remove the hardened hairspray.

Whatever the stain is, there’s usually a solution for it, so grab your cloths and remain calm! Following our guide will have your home looking spick and span again in no time.


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