Choosing the Planter Colour for Decorating a Room

Choosing the Planter Colour for Decorating a Room main

Indoor plants are not just an element of the interior; they are an important part of your home. It is important to remember that these are living things that must be safe and healthy. But many flower growers ask how to place plants in the room and maintain the overall interior design. Flower planters are also an important component in any room, so we choose this with special care.

Many people choose flower planters and pots as carefully as a sofa or bedside table in the living room. How to make the right choice so that the room becomes beautiful, comfortable and flower planters emphasise the dignity of the living room? You can buy your favourite blue plant pots but would it be a good choice for decorating modern or country style?

There are some useful tips from experienced designers that help you to make your home beautiful and comfortable:

● If you decide how to decorate a corner, then experts advise starting with a large plant in an extra large planter. It will stand in the corner, and other smaller planters can be put in front of it.

Choose a calm colour scheme, but you can also mix several different colours. It depends on the overall style of the interior.

● If you choose flower planters for the window because it is large, then here you can collect a composition of the most beautiful items that you can find. Combine this:

1. pink, burgundy, light lilac,
2. red, yellow, white,
3. orange, yellow, white, maroon,
4. lilac, blue, dark purple, yellow, white.

Choosing the Planter Colour for Decorating a Room blue

● If you do not know where to put the jumbo planter inside the house, then choose the place that will be the first that the person will see when enters it. Many people put it in the hallway near the wall or near the door. Most often these are classic colours: grey, black, white, beige or rich red.
● If your room has a rustic style, then here you do not need to choose simple geometric shapes and grey colours of the planters. Choose wood material or warm terracotta colours. Also, many designers add bright colors to make the room more positive and comfortable.
● It is also important to consider the size of the room. If this is a small room, then choose small pots of bright colours. It can be glass, transparent types or porcelain flower planters. If the room is large and bright, then the designers advise to put some huge pots and here the colour scheme should complement the colour of furniture, shelves, curtains and other elements that are in the room.

If to consider the exact styles of the interior, then there are also a few specific rules. Many designers use traditional schemes to complement the interior but there are modern interpretations of this. Modernity needs new types of interior decorations and people want to experiment, so they combine things that may seem completely incompatible. If you are an experienced designer, then you know how to combine all the elements in the room, but if you want to decorate your house yourself, you can use expert advice as a basis for your creative ideas.

Choosing the Planter Colour for Decorating a Room window

● Large plants with lush leaves – various types of ficus, palm trees, monstera, oleander, are suitable for classic interior. The colour of the planters should also be classic, but some designers add a few bright elements.
● Country style – it is various hanging pots or average sizes of table or floor items. Choose natural colours and materials, as well as warm colours.
● If you like hi-tech style then here it will be better to choose green partitions and floor modules. These are special designs consisting of cells or small openings for indoor plants of small sizes. It is important to choose unusual and original designs, and the colour may be colder: steel metal items, white or clear glass.
● For oriental style choose bonsai, strict forms of bamboo or yucca. The colours of the planters are most often used restrained black and white. You also need to choose more natural materials, such as ceramics or wood.
● If the design uses elegant furniture made of expensive wood, with elements of marble, steel, glass, then plants of distinct forms will look beautiful. The colour of such pots should also be calm and not stand out from the general colour scheme. For the furniture of English and French styles choose magnificently blooming and the colour of the planters and pots can be light and matte. You can also choose a special design in a medieval or mid century style.

Your home can become cosier and warmer so that you want to come here after a hard working day and feel comfortable. If these design tips would be useful for you, then your home will be filled with beautiful elements that will blend with each other perfectly. Interior decoration is an important part of creating your cosy place to live so that you can relax, rest and enjoy every minute with your family. Make it light, positive and happy!


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