Bring the Spa Home with a Luxury Hydro Massage Shower

Luxury Hydro Massage Shower bathroom

Bring the Spa Home with a Luxury
Hydro Massage Shower

The spa

Possibly one of the most commonly requested treatments at a spa is the massage, and until fairly recently this would most likely have meant a hands on experience. The massage experience has grown to include such treatments as hot stone, cupping, and Reiki, but if you’re looking for something truly unique, you might opt for the hydro massage. Hydro massage has been around for many years, but until fairly recently the phenomenon hasn’t been as widely available and certainly not for use in the privacy of your own home.

Going to a spa is a pleasure, but not everyone can make it as often as they’d like to. This can be due to a variety of factors; financial matters, responsibilities (children at home, for example), and time (if your employment isn’t flexible or you work odd hours). If you’ve heard about all of the benefits of hydro massage but haven’t managed to get to a spa that offers this type of treatment, you might want to think about bringing the spa home to you!

Luxury shower cabin

A shower cabin is a hot home renovation item that is seen topping the list of more and more potential buyers. We know that for the most part, our bathrooms serve a functional purpose, but why not bring a touch of luxury into your personal space? The bathroom can be a wonderful room that is the envy of visiting friends and family if it’s treated with the right fixtures and decor. You’ve probably heard that the kitchen and the bathroom are the most important rooms to renovate if you’re planning to put your house on the market; they also bring the most bang for your renovation dollar. A shower cabin can be just the ticket to taking your bathroom from blah to beautiful and because it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, it can be tucked into even the smallest of nooks.

The benefits of a shower cabin

During a hydro massage, the water is the tool from which your tired muscles find relief. Although there are some types of hydro massage that implement the use of a barrier between the patient’s skin and the water jets (essentially keeping the skin dry while still benefitting from the massage itself), combining a shower with massage can be a wonderful treat. So what type of benefits can you expect from this type of treatment? There are many!

Luxury Hydro Massage Shower bathroom set

Image (and top) by Kendyl Young, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

A great stress reliever

A hydro massage is a great and effective way to reduce not only physical but also mental stress. Immersing your body in warm water alone will go to great lengths towards reducing stress hormones and relaxing your muscles, but the addition of massage will only increase both pleasure and results. The warm water jets will also help to alleviate joint pain and is a proven sleep aid as your body temperature rises during the shower and immediately drops afterwards, sending cues to prepare for rest.

A great way to relieve pain

Those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and many other conditions will benefit greatly from a hydro massage. Warm water is known to improve circulation and this in turn sends oxygen and nutrients that your body needs, specifically to important muscle tissue. If you’ve suffered a sports related injury, a shower cabin can be a comforting place in which to find pain relief.

A great way to improve skin elasticity and appearance

We all know that clean pores are an important factor in good skin care. Stepping into your luxury shower cabin and turning on the warm water will help to remove skin impurities, and reducing stress from the hydro massage is a great way to both feel and look younger. Stress is one of the triggers for wrinkles and fine lines; alleviating stress in your own hydro massage will keep skin looking young and fresh.

A great way to increase home value

Besides the personal benefits for your mind and body, there are financial benefits to be enjoyed from a luxury shower cabin as well. A professionally installed, well thought out shower cabin that offers the enjoyment of a hydro massage will be a big pull when it comes to making your home stand out above the rest.

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