Trend Spotlight: Best Light Granite for Kitchen Countertops

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Granite countertops have long been prized and highly valued choice for homeowners. The gleaming surface and lasting durability make granite the perfect countertop choice for any kitchen. Its ability to tie a space together and add elegance and intrigue make it an irresistible choice. Light granite particularly has been increasing in popularity and is a trend across many homes. The best light granite kitchen countertops boast lighter tones, stunning flecks of colour, and are complementary to most kitchen decor and cabinetry.

What is Granite?

Granite is formed into an igneous rock from volcanic magma. Because of this significant heat process, granite’s hardness is higher than many other varieties of natural stone. It is known for its lasting durability and resistance to staining. It’s the perfect choice for a kitchen countertop because it holds up well against everyday use. Granite does not stain as easily as other materials and it does not suffer discoloration as other stones are prone. There are still important steps to take in order to keep wear and tear of your granite at a minimum.

Granite Maintenance

To maximise the beauty of your granite, especially lighter coloured granite, it’s important to take good care of your countertop. The first step to do so is to make sure that you seal your countertop every one to two years. Sealing your granite countertop ensures that stains, discoloration, and etching will be kept at bay. Another important step is to clean your granite regularly. This can be as simple as taking a soft cloth with water and soap and gently wiping across the surface of your counter. When you are done, dry with a soft cloth to keep that shine. Lastly, don’t leave stains or acidic foods sitting on the counter too long, and try to minimise contact with high heat to be on the safe side.

Giallo Ornamental Granite

Giallo ornamental granite is a low-end light granite that is sourced from Brazil. It is light with warm tones of tan, beige, and creamy colours. The slabs contain veining and speckles of dark brown, grey, and black. This creates a look of soft texture and interest again the warm and light background. The soft look of Giallo Ornamental granite complements wooden cabinetry and decor but also looks smooth with non-wooden and lighter coloured materials contained in the kitchen. Its light colours, as with most light-coloured granite, is useful in diminishing the appearance of fingerprints. For a 2cm slab, the cost typically begins around $20-25 (£15-£20) per square foot and increases to $30-40 (£23-£31) per square foot for a 3 cm slab.

Bianco Antico Granite

Also sourced from Brazil, Bianco Antico granite goes by a variety of other names such as Royal Silk, Pearl or Diamond White. It boasts warm colours of taupe and has pink hues and flecks throughout with a soft light grey backdrop. It is a white coloured stone so it pairs well with lighter coloured cabinets and decor. Because it is a white stone it seamlessly complements a contemporary kitchen space. There are specks of quartz throughout the granite which creates a slight sparkle effect throughout the slab. It is a bit pricier than other varieties of light granite with costs starting around $40-50 (£31-£40) per square foot for a 2cm slab.

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Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux granite is one of the most luxurious countertop choices available. It is sourced from Brazil and is popular for its artistic vibe. The granite contains marbling and swirls of varying colours from burgundy, gold, white and gray. There is some variation from slab to slab but because of the contrast of colours and design, this can make for a very bold statement countertop. The variation also makes it a great countertop to complement most kitchen styles and decor. This style of granite is perfect for creating a rich and high-class feel especially when paired with other natural stone backdrops and high-end kitchen appliances. Typhoon Bordeaux countertops are not cheap and costs can climb quickly depending on the thickness of the slab. Costs start around $55  (£43) per square foot.

Astoria Granite

Astoria granite, or otherwise known as Ivory Chiffon, is a granite sourced from India. It is known for its beige colored background with dark veins of brown, black, and gray. The granite gives off a shimmer because of the quartz minerals integrated throughout. There is a lot of variation in Astoria granite, so the amount of speckling and veining may vary significantly from slab to slab. The costs of Astoria ranges from $30-50 (£23-£40) per square foot depending on whether it is a 2cm or 3cm slab.

New River White

New River White granite is one of the most popular choices for a light granite countertop. It is also sources from India, and is widely known for its white and silvery background. The most unique and stunning feature of New River White granite is the red or wine-coloured sparkles and flecks that are speckled throughout a slab. The slabs are consistent and even across the board so significant variation is not a problem when piecing together a countertop. The beauty of New River White Granite, is that it fits well in almost any room, but adds particular elegance and class to a kitchen space. The red deposits sprinkled throughout the granite make this one of the most eye-catching light colored granite options. Of course with higher appeal, there is a higher price to pay. 2cm slabs costs start around $30-40 (£23-£31) per square foot and can get as high as $40-50 (£31-£40) for a 3cm slab.

Light Coloured Granite

Lighter coloured granite is a sure-fire way to increase your kitchen’s aesthetics. The light colours are perfect for creating light and brightness and complementing most decor. The durability of granite paired with softer colours creates an inviting look and that’s exactly the welcoming atmosphere a kitchen should exude. There are many other varieties of light granite that are worth looking into. The trend of light granite countertops is here to stay and can help you make a statement in your kitchen.


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