4 Trendy Flooring Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money

4 Trendy Flooring Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money main

Flooring trends ought to change with time as customer preferences and tastes change. That is why you see new flooring trends every time you step inside a showroom. For some people it is just about changing the look and keeping their homes updated. Going to shop for a floor is no doubt an exciting process in addition to being overwhelmed by the choices in front. The past year has experienced people going with medium brown to hit the right tone. For quite a while now another trend has picked up and it involves imperfections to give your home a more natural feel. Let’s look at the key flooring trends for 2019.

4 Trendy Flooring Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money fumed

1. Fumed Wood Flooring

Fumed wood flooring as the name suggests is put through a process called fuming. The thing with fumed wood flooring is that they get their rich colour and grain without staining which typically every other wood flooring goes through in order to achieve the final finish. In the case of fumed wood flooring, the wood is put in a chamber, in which ammonia that is airborne is released. The wood and ammonia react resulting in the change of colour. Depending on the wood, the colour tones may vary but it helps give the wood a dark tone.

4 Trendy Flooring Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money bleached

2. Bleached and Blanched Woods

Then again, as the name suggests Bleached and Blanched wood undergoes a bleaching process to give it a white-washed look as not everyone is fond of glossy wooden flooring. The process involves applying a solution on the wood to get rid of the colour. Blanching then gives the wood ashy colour, which is quite visible. Bleaching look on your current floor is both an expensive and a tedious process so you might want your contractor’s suggestion on this.

4 Trendy Flooring Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money wood

3. Engineering Wood

Got confused? No need to, engineered wood flooring is simply a thin layer of hardwood on top of woods that are multiple in layer often known as ply layers. It has gained popularity due to its usability and resilience. Compared to solid wood, engineering wood is known to withstand moisture and humidity better. The engineering of engineered wood is such that it makes it stable enough to not contract and expand due to humidity and moisture, allowing it to be more resilient and installed in more areas.

4 Trendy Flooring Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money distressed

4. Distressed Wood and Concrete Tiles

Distressed wood has been the preference of customers for a while now and has had its part of significant demand. This trend is not going anywhere soon as this year has seen it gaining more popularity. The distressed wood undergoes an artificial process of ageing and styling that results in giving it a worn finish. It is the preference of people who normally prefer rusty looks. When preparing distressed wood flooring, numerous actions are taken depending on both the style and degree of “distress” required and desired. To give it a more historic look, the edges are hand scraped, kerf and swirl markings are added and the brushing of the planks is done to give it a worn soft texture.


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