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They say that a picture says a thousand words and this simple premise has made Instagram a phenomenon.

Getting the ‘Instagram look’ is now actually ‘a thing’ – Instagram photos are high res, eye catching, stylish, usually opulent and give a glimpse in to a world mere mortals can only dream of, full of beautiful people in equally beautiful surroundings.

So how can you get this much sought-after ‘look’ at home?

So, you have decided it is time to overhaul your kitchen. This could be for a number of reasons, maybe you have just moved and your kitchen is just not functional for you or maybe you have decided that your kitchen is tired, dated and needs a makeover. The good news is that if you invest in revamping your kitchen, not only will it make the most important room in your home more attractive and workable, you will be adding value to your property too.

The first step of course is to get inspiration for what you would like to do with your kitchen and this I where Instagram steps in. One of the functions of the app is that you can use hash tags to find applicable photographs – for example, has tag new kitchen. If you play around with different hash tags you will access photos with colour ideas, storage ideas and much more.

Carefully studying the different photographs will give you plenty of inspiration and many of the ideas depicted in the photographs are just simple, clever and need not cost a fortune to implement.

There are a few keen points that might not be obvious on Instagram, where companies like can help you grow followers – and the the first is the palette of colours that is trending for 2019 which is white, ivory and the primary colours of red, yellow, green and blue. In the photographs on Instagram, you will be able to see how people have used the colours effectively to make their kitchens look light and bright.

You will see how people have used the classic favourite of white and then added colourful highlights in sunshine yellow and bright orange to add interest. This season, kitchen cupboards are given a fresh new look in sage green or navy, but natural wood remains a perennial favourite.

Kitchen islands are big news at the moment and are popular as they add style and cavernous storage space to the kitchen. If you have space to add one, a flick through the photos of Instagram will reveal some clever design ideas that you can incorporate in yours. Islands provide an informal dining area and somewhere to perch with a coffee. If you don’t have room for an island, you will find images of some trendy peninsulas too – these are islands that are attached to one wall. But still enjoy all the benefits.

Peninsulas work really well in ‘L’ shaped kitchens. At the other end of the scale, if you have a tired looking galley kitchen, you will be more than inspired with the snazzy looking ones with really clever space-saving ideas. Of course, all kitchens have their restrictions, but whether you have a ‘U’ shaped or ‘L’ shaped kitchen you will get plenty of inspiration on how it to maximise on space and have everything at your fingertips.

The other big kitchen news for 2019 that you might well want to check out is the renaissance of a good sized larder! Large larders with clever storage solutions with foods kept at the right temperature are definitely trending and again.

If you want to keep one step ahead of the trends – hash tag waterfall worktops will clearly demonstrate how the latest work surfaces appear to flow over the edge of worktops, cover the sides of cupboards and tumble down to meet the floor. You will also find lots of imaginative photographs of kitchen bench seating which is gaining in popularity as it is a great space saver.

Another kitchen feature that is growing in popularity is the white marble work top and on Instagram there are a number of photographs demonstrating how this feature can be put to good use – and not just by pastry makers! Reeded glass is becoming very popular for cupboard doors as it has a lovely texture and is semi-opaque so it hints at the contents of a cupboard without revealing all! Your favourite china can be cleverly displayed behind the glass.

With all this inspiration available at your fingertips on Instagram, it seems a shame not to start on the design phase of your kitchen redesign straight away…and you know that your new look kitchen will be appreciated by all your family who already view the kitchen as the hub of family life.

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