How To Handle A Change Of Address

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How To Handle A Change Of Address

What if you move into a new house, but everyone you do business with through the mail has no idea where to contact you? You need to let all your financial services companies, insurance company, in fact, anyone you do business with know your new address. A change of address can be a pain, but to not do so can cost you time and money.

In this post, we’ll go through how you can make the process easier for yourself.

Can You Receive Your Bills by Email?

Start with the bills and statements that you receive on a monthly basis. Can these be emailed instead? Do you really need a hard copy of each of them? In most cases, you don’t and, if for some reason you do, you can always have that particular one printed out.

The advantage of getting your bills by email is that you can be sure that you will always receive them. And, if you use an online provider like Gmail, for example, you have plenty of storage to keep them online.

We’d recommend creating a subfolder for every company in your main inbox. You can move them manually yourself once you have read through them, or you can create a filter that moves them as soon as they come in.

It reduces the need for messy files and storing of old paperwork. It also makes things easier if you’re looking for a particular document – you need to go online, choose the right folder, and you’ll find it. With a paper-based system, you’d have to search through your file cabinet or the messy stack on the table.

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Notify All the Companies

Even if you’re receiving bills by email, set aside a day to contact the companies concerned and update your address. Updating is vital if later you need to provide proof of address or something similar.

You can easily have change-of-address cards printed up and send those into the companies concerned if you like, but many will accept the instruction over the phone.

Don’t Forget Friends and Family

Okay, so the friends and family who visit regularly will know about your new address. But what about those that you see infrequently? Like those who send cards on birthdays or during the holidays? Do notify them of the change of address as soon as possible.

Update the DMV and State Agencies

It might not seem essential to update the department of motor vehicles right away, but think of it this way – if you’re in an accident, and your family needs to know, it’s important to have the correct address on record.

Speak to Your Short-Term Insurer ASAP

Speaking to an agent is essential to ensure that your short-term insurance is kept current. Let’s say that a burglar strikes your new house. The company may decline your claim because it happened at a different address than the one on record.

You’ll also need to let them know if the security situation has changed. Say, for example, that before you had a lock-up garage, and now you have a carport. That could change whether or not your claim gets paid out at a later stage.

Do yourself a favour and brainstorm what companies you have any dealings with whatsoever. Then take some time off, and set aside a day for you to get all the addresses updated.


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