How to clean your home fast after a renovation?


Just finished a renovation? Well, before you are able to enjoy it, you are going to have a rather messy home to clean up. Thankfully, these tips will help you to clean your home fast after a renovation.

Take it piece by piece

Perhaps the biggest piece of advice we can give you is to tackle the cleaning piece by piece. When you look at the cleaning ‘as a whole’, it can become overwhelming. You won’t want to do it. 

If you break everything down into small tasks e.g. vacuuming, washing the windowsills, etc. then things become a bit easier. If you do things stage by stage, and don’t jump from job to job, you will have that renovation cleaning done in next-to-no time at all.

Clean as you go

Want to make things really, really fast? Clean up after yourself as you renovate the property. If you do things before they pile up, things become a whole lot less overwhelming. It also means that there is less clean-up work to do at the end of the renovation.

Use professional equipment

Your standard household cleaning gear isn’t going to be up to the challenge of cleaning up after a renovation. In fact, if you used your standard vacuum cleaner to clean up your home, then you are going to be slowing yourself down quite drastically. 

Household vacuum cleaners are not capable of dealing with brick dust and the like. Certainly not in the quantities that a renovation would produce. This means they will be constantly breaking down. If you want to speed things up for yourself, use professional equipment. It won’t cost much to hire an industrial vacuum cleaner or a trade pressure washer. It is going to save you a lot of hassle too.

Clean the floors last

Some people who are cleaning up after a renovation will make a beeline for the floors. After all, you don’t really want to be walking through dust and the like. The problem? You are just going to be dirtying those floors when you start to clean the walls and surfaces. This means that the floors will need to be cleaned again.

By all means, clean the big pieces off of the floor e.g. bricks and whatever is laying about. However, don’t give them a complete cleaning until you have finished everything else. If anything, it is going to be great to see the nice and clean room come together when you do the vacuuming. Trust us when we say that vacuuming is probably going to be the ‘easiest’ part of the cleaning process. It is nice to end on a high note, right?

Clean any ventilation systems first

Don’t want dust constantly blowing everywhere? If you have a ventilation system in your home, then make sure that you clean this out first. Even a small duct leading to your garden will be clogged with filth from the renovation. If you don’t clean these vents out, then no matter how hard you work, dust and debris will just be flying back in. You are making life a whole lot harder for yourself.

Hire a professional

Of course, if you don’t fancy going through the rigmarole of doing it all yourself, you could always look into hiring a professional cleaner. These guys will have experience in cleaning properties after a renovation, which means they can do it nice and fast. Often they offer the same day cleaning, if you care about time. 

It also means that it is actually clean. This means no dust lingering about somewhere you may have missed, or a bit of filth that you didn’t have the equipment or cleaning solution to remove. When a professional says it is clean, it is actually going to be clean.


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