Get Moving With Your Move Now

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Get Moving With Your Move Now

It’s exciting to move to a new city or a more beautiful home, but it is still an upheaval. If you have a move coming up, you might be dreading it as much as you’re excited by the prospect of the change. Living out of boxes for even a few days makes it hard to relax, and the lead-up to the move can be nerve-wracking.

In this post, we’ll go through proactive steps that you can take now to make moving less of a hassle the day you move.

Start By Confirming All the Dates

When do you need to be out by? When is your new home going to be ready to move into? Maybe the month-end falls on a Monday, and you think you’ll be able to get the moving done on the weekend. After all, isn’t that convenient for most people?

It might be more convenient for you, but that doesn’t assume that it will be for everyone else. Confirm all the arrangements beforehand.

Choose Your Movers Carefully

Get Moving With Your Move Now signA better-established moving company, with a good reputation, is a safer bet than an unknown quantity, even if it might cost you a little more. You need to know that your items are in good hands and that they’ll be packed and moved carefully.

Get recommendations from people that you trust to give you someplace to start looking. Then follow through by checking the company out thoroughly online.

Also, make sure that the moving contract won’t allow the company to add in surprise extra costs later. It’s too late to haggle over this when you’re at your new home waiting for your furniture to arrive. At that stage, an unscrupulous company might hike up the charges because you’ll have no choice but to pay.

It is also essential to check what insurance the company has and what exactly your coverage will extend to. Some companies give you a rate per pound of furniture, which might not end up covering the cost of replacing lost or broken items.

Consider Moving Your More Special Items Yourself

The vase that you inherited from your gran is very special to you. Consider packing items like this that are easy to break yourself and moving them yourself. Movers will usually provide some insurance if an object breaks during the move, but you can’t replace some items.

Get That Change of Address Done Promptly

Make sure that you notify the utility companies of the dates that you are moving out. You want the utilities cut as soon as you’ve left, and you want the lights on in your new home. Give them advance notice and find out what else you need to do.

Also be sure to change all the addresses with companies that bill you, so you don’t miss a statement or a payment. You can do this with the post office, but it is also a good idea to update all the companies yourself.

It is possible to submit an online US post office address change and also to pay a company to update all the other addresses for you if you don’t have the time.

Get cracking on the things that you can do now, and you’ll have less to do as you get closer to the actual move.


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