How UK Residents Are Going Crazy for Wooden Summerhouses in Their Courtyard


How UK Residents Are Going Crazy for Wooden Summerhouses in Their Courtyard

A wooden summerhouse was originally intended for people to relax and enjoy in a cool shade during the hot summer days, as wood has excellent thermoregulation properties. However, these days, summerhouses are becoming increasingly popular because of their architectural versatility.

Namely, you are able to transform them into anything you desire. For example, your summerhouse may serve as a perfect guest house, or a separate living space for your children. Moreover, you may use it to throw parties, or transform it into a space you are able to work in.

uk wooden summerhouses courtyard exterior

Whichever way you choose to use it, one thing is certain: a wooden summerhouse is a smart investment. Moreover, you are able to use it to generate additional income and it will instantly raise the value of your property.

Efficient Solution

As its name implies, this type of house is built out of wood. Since wood has great insulation properties, the house will easily keep optimal temperature inside its walls, no matter what time of the year it is.

Therefore, thanks to its energy efficiency, you are able to use it all year round and transform it into anything you like. In addition to that, the house will have a soothing, cosy feel to it, as most of the noise will be left outside of it.

Moreover, even though building a summerhouse requires time and money, this type of house will cost you less, as opposed to building with some other materials, such as brick, stone or concrete.

In addition, it will take less time to build too. On top of that, thanks to the insulating properties of the wood, your electricity bills will be significantly lower.

Furthermore, by building a house out of wood, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the environment. This is because you used a renewable and sustainable material.

uk wooden summerhouses courtyard wood

Ideal for Limited Spaces

If you are limited by the space you are able to build on, do not worry. Namely, the possibilities are virtually endless when designing a wooden summerhouse. You are able to modify and customise it to correspond to the spaces available.

Moreover, you are able to choose from the multitude of styles and designs, including vintage, futuristic, or Asia-inspired themes to reflect your personal ideas, taste and desires.

Additional Room

Having a wooden summerhouse allows you to adapt the available space to your and your family’s needs. Namely, if you wish to give your children some privacy, but don’t want them to move far away from you, present them with the option of living in the summerhouse.

Of course, to make this happen, you have to build in a nice insulation and connect it to tap water, heating and electricity.

Moreover, a summerhouse that is equipped with a sink, shower, heating and furniture can serve as a nice guest house, or even a peaceful place for you to work in and get your creative juices flowing.

Furthermore, it can be an excellent space to store your gardening tools in, organise indoor garden parties, or to set up a nice little workshop.

In addition to that, you are even able to generate additional income by renting out this space to individuals or another family. Moreover, as mentioned, this new structure on your property is sure to boost its overall market value, as it makes it more attractive to the real-estate agents.


With wooden summerhouses being so energy-efficient, easy to set up as well as versatile in styles and designs, investing in one is more than a good idea.

Namely, you are able to create additional storage space, add an extra room for your teenagers, or set up a nice accommodation for your guests. On top of that, the investment will quickly pay itself, as it can be a source of additional income and will add value to your property as well.

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