5 Tips You Should Know to Throw a Perfect Garden Party

Tips You Should Know to Throw a Perfect Garden Party drinks

There are few things more memorable and exciting than a garden party done right. Follow these steps and your guests will be talking about your bash for years to come:

1. Prepare For All Weathers

In the UK, you can never guarantee that it won’t rain. Even an August garden party during a heatwave should make provision for inclement weather. Plus, if it’s too sunny, your guests might want shade to escape to. A good gazebo can do double duty as a sun shade and protection from a light shower, and if it turns into a downpour, make sure you’re prepared to move the party inside by dressing up your indoor space with garden flowers, lights and bunting.

Tips You Should Know to Throw a Perfect Garden Party gazebo

2. When It Comes to Drinks, More is More

Getting the drinks flowing will keep your guests happy – whether it’s delicious cocktails, tipsy mixers or something refreshing and non-alcoholic to keep everyone cool in hot weather. If you want to add a touch of festival glamour, or if you just want to be able to kick back and relax, think about opting for a mobile bar like these: feast-it.com. Choose a bar that fits your theme or colour scheme to really tie the party together.

3. When it Comes to Food More is Also More

Don’t neglect feeding your guests either! A great garden party is relaxed and easygoing, so opt for something easy to eat – think barbecues, buffets and finger or fork food that can be carried around while people wander and chat. Make sure you’re catering for a variety of dietary requirements – there are plenty of elegant and delicious vegetarian recipes around, like this caramelised shallot tart.

Tips You Should Know to Throw a Perfect Garden Party food

4. Cosy Corners

When you’re throwing a party, it’s ideal to have a few different kinds of spaces for different kinds of interactions. You might have space for games, a food area, and lots of room around the bar, but it’s important not to neglect the cosy corners. Make sure you create some snug, intimate spaces for guests who want to curl up and chat away from the crowd. Comfy garden chairs, benches and arbour seats are perfect.

5. Light It Up

If you want your party to go on well into the evening, your illumination is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Create atmosphere with candles and fairy lights, and think about investing in some slightly more powerful outdoor lights so that everyone can see where they’re putting their feet at the end of the night.

Once you have these five crucial pieces of the puzzle in hand, you can go ahead and enjoy a garden party that will go down in history.


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