How to Keep your Garden Fresh and Beautiful During Hot Summer Days in Yorkshire


How to Keep your Garden Fresh and Beautiful During Hot Summer Days in Yorkshire

Keeping your lawns and flowerbeds fresh and clean in the summertime is quite a daunting task even for experienced gardeners. It’s not simply due to the need for regular watering the plants in hot weather and managing the space, but also due to the need for organizing yourself to perform many other needed actions. In case of garden containing lots of various plants and flowers, you won’t be able to shift your responsibility to the most powerful electric lawn mower — your efforts will be necessary, too. With that, our simple and useful tips can help you keep your garden fresh and gorgeous even during the hottest summer days.

Water plants at the right time

In springtime with a lot of rain, there is no need to water plants lavishly. However, as the weather gets less rainy, you want to water and irrigate them more often. During particularly hot summer days you may need to moist the ground several times a week if the soil dries out.

You also want to be aware of watering necessities of the plants and understand how well the soil holds the water. Have control over soil conditions when the heat rises and set up a schedule of watering.

A good idea is to set up a sprinkler system. With this useful piece of equipment, you will only need to adjust the hose, turn it on, and check the water level to avoid overwatering.

Be aware of pests

Be extremely attentive to pest problems. Small insects can harm plants to a great extent, therefore you need to regularly check the garden to be aware of any unwanted surprises. Organize yourself to monitor the possible appearance of pests and take urgent and decisive actions no sooner the insects settle down.

A good rule of thumb is to grow plants that are known to repel harmful insects. By this, you’ll kill two birds with one stone — you’ll add some extra green to your lovely garden and get rid of pests.

Use mulch

Take advantage of a few inches of mulch atop of the ground in your containers to provide low temperatures of the soil. As you might know, mulch perfectly holds water in summer and warmth during the winter months. In addition, it excellently suppresses weed and brings an aesthetically pleasing look to any type of flowerbeds.

Mulching is an essential part of your gardening. It keeps the soil healthy, fed, and protected from eroding. Experienced gardeners treat mulch as the nutrient for the soil, remedy for weeds, and sunscreen protecting the plants from sun damage.

Keep your plants in the shade

Keep your pots and beds in the shade during the hottest noon hours. It also makes sense to put small containers into bigger pots and isolate them with paper or foamed plastic. This will prevent your beautiful flowers from the direct sun rays hitting the containers.

Consider investing in a special shade cloth for your garden plants, always available in internet shops. The textile typically varies in thickness, so you want to select the cloth in accordance with your plants.

Grow seasonal and evergreen plants

By growing seasonal and evergreen plants, you will ensure your garden to look fresh, green and blooming throughout the year. There are lots of seasonal flowers as well as evergreen plant species available on the market, so it is always possible to pick the most gorgeous plants for your garden.

To sum up, you need to monitor the conditions of your garden on a daily basis. It’s not simply to enjoy the beauty of colourful lawns and improve your well-being but also to see all problems early and immediately react in an appropriate way.


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