Creating a Garden You Will Cherish

Creating a Garden You Will Cherish main

Given the attention and care it needs to thrive, a garden has the potential to become your home’s greatest asset: a source of food, fruits, and joy for the entire family.

Nurturing your outdoor space into the garden of your dreams gives you an immense sense of satisfaction. Perhaps you have always wanted a herb garden, a calm and serene backyard where the family can relax and have Sunday barbecues, or perhaps even a beautiful garden where you can grow all kinds of manicured flowers, shrubs, trees, and all sorts of plants.

Benefits of a Home Garden

As long as you have the space for your garden and can spare a bit of time, you can effectively create the garden of your dreams and derive from it the many benefits of gardening such as:

1. Improved health: Nurturing your garden into the garden of your dreams will require many cardiovascular-engaging actions. Moreover, growing edible crops in your garden allows you to control your family’s food production process.

2. Improved mental health: Various existing research studies have shown that when you engage in any form of exercise, and gardening is a form of exercise, your mental health improves. You experience less chronic stress, your mood elevates, and because gardening can be meditative, you become more peaceful, content, and happier.

3. Improve finances: Depending on the size of your garden and the sophistication of your garden’s design, creating and nurturing it can be expensive. However, compared to the cost-saving benefits that come with growing vegetables, fruit and herbs, overall, gardening can be financially beneficial.

Creating a Garden You Will Cherish gardening

Creating and nurturing a garden you will adore has many other benefits that you can read about here.

The great thing about creating and nurturing a garden you love is that it does not require you to be the best landscaper in the world. In fact, to get started, all you need is the space for a garden, a clear mental image of your dream garden and to keep in mind a few important considerations:

The design of the garden and the plants

Think deeply about the kind of garden you want—its shape, style, and appearance—and the kinds of plants you want. You should pay particular attention to the plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs you decide to make part of your garden. To reduce maintenance, aim to grow hardy, evergreen plants/flowers/shrubs, etc.

Perhaps you want a flowery garden; if that’s the case, go with flowering trees and shrubs. If you want a more practical garden, perhaps a veggie and herbs garden is more to your liking. The secret to creating a garden you adore is thinking about the kind of plants you want in your garden.

Your deck and fence

Even if your garden is teeming with flowering, beautiful plants but your deck or fence lacks the same healthy appearance, you will have created ‘a garden’ instead of your dream outdoor space.

Thinking about the type of fence you want and its appearance is an important consideration. Do you want a hedge fence or a metal/brick one, and more importantly, how does your fence influence the ambience you want to nurture in your garden? If your home lacks a deck but you have ample space for it, consider having one installed; decks accentuate a garden.

When using wood, perhaps to make a fence, deck, wooden garden chairs, etc. remember to use high quality primer, such as this aluminium primer from Sovereign Chemicals, to protect and preserve the wood. Applying primer to wood helps seal pores on the material.

Creating a Garden You Will Cherish fence


Maintaining your garden requires a great deal of work. Planting, watering, pruning, weeding are just a few of many maintenance tasks you will have to carry out. You can’t escape these aspects of gardening but you can opt to design a maintenance-friendly garden.

To create a maintenance-friendly garden, one of the things you should do is plant evergreen plants/flowers/shrubs/trees. Plants that have leaves throughout the year are hardy; they require less maintenance too.


Is creating a garden you will cherish challenging? YES! However, once you establish and start nurturing your dream garden, the benefits it’ll bring into your life will be worth the challenges.


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