10 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

10 ways to get your garden ready for summer vegetables

With spring just around the corner and summer not too far away now is the time to start getting your garden ready. With the cold and rainy winter coming to an end, turn your garden into a place where you can relax on summer afternoons and socialise with friends.

Here are 10 tips for getting your garden ready for spring and prepared for summer…

1. Start off by doing some basic garden maintenance such as sweeping up leaves and litter and cleaning up your greenhouse. It’s surprising what a big difference these small tasks can make to freshen up your garden.

2. Whilst you’re at it make sure that guttering and drains are cleared out too, remove any leaves or moss. Look out for any damage or cracks in the drainpipes which may have been caused over winter. This will help reduce the risk of water damage to your home!

10 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer broken pipe guttering

Check for winter damage in drainpipes and guttering

“Install water butts to collect rainwater”

3. Winter in Hull – you can be fairly sure it will feature plenty of wind and rain. You might need to replace or repair any broken fences and check your shed or garage for any damage.

4. When the weather is warmer and the ground is dry, mow the lawn! Having a well-kept lawn is key for maintaining a tidy garden to be proud of.

5. Whilst the weather is still a little chilly, a useful task which can help you prepare for spring is to give your gardening tools a clean. Give your tools a bit of TLC, remove any mud with soapy water and a brush.

6. Help the environment – install water butts in your garden now and start collecting rainwater which can be used to water your plants. Water butts are available from various DIY retailers and are easy to install.

10 ways to get your garden ready for summer shed

“A decking area is the perfect space for outdoor living”

7. With summer getting closer and closer it’s only right that we mention the BBQ. Give your BBQ the once over and be ready for when the hot weather hits – nobody wants to be spending a hot summer afternoon cleaning a dirty BBQ before inviting friends over!

8. When inviting friends around don’t let unnecessary clutter become a conversation starter. It’s so easy to chuck things in the shed such as old furniture when you’re having a clean out of your home. Instead of using your shed as an extension of your loft, have a good sort out, removing anything you no longer need and free up room for your gardening tools, outdoor furniture and lawn games.

9. As the weather warms up consider installing decking. Aside from looking great, a decking area is the perfect space for outdoor living and relaxing during the summer months.

10 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer barbecue

Give the BBQ a good clean prior to the first sunny weekend of summer

10. Make your outdoor space an area where you want to relax. Consider investing in some outdoor furniture such as sofas and coffee tables and make your patio or decking an extension of your living room, perfect for summer evenings.

These are just some of the ways you can rejuvenate your garden, and get it ready for the summer months. If you need help finding landscaping and gardening services in Hull visit the Tradesmenin directory.


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