How to Pimp Your Pushchair

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A pushchair is one of the key purchases you make when you have a child, therefore it makes complete sense that with that decision comes a lot of considerable factors. When taking the time to ensure you’re choosing the right equipment for you, whether that’s selecting something that will stand the test of time, or something that makes your life that little bit easier, there is lots of options to consider. And not only this, once you’ve made the focal decision with regards to the pram itself, there are all kinds of accessories that you may or may not require as an addition to the pushchair itself. To support you in choosing what’s right for you and your baby, Kiddies Kingdom have collated their top products to help pimp your pram:

1. The first step is to consider the type of pushchair you actually have. Not all accessories will suit all styles of prams, so it’s key that you only choose the pieces that will work for you. Kiddies Kingdom’s collection of pushchairs come in all shapes, sizes, uses and weights, so it’s important to have your personal pram specifications and measurements to hand when you’re on a mission to accessorise your pushchair to your needs.

2. A bottle holder is almost definitely one of the most essential accessories to add to any pram. Both baby and bottle come hand in hand, so it’s important to be prepared for your little one regularly asking for or requiring a drink. By having a bottle holder attached to your pushchair, you’re ensuring you can have easy access as well as a reduction in bag spillages!

3. A baby bag hook is certainly a very useful product to utilise when you’re needing easy access to your changing bag or handbag. Every parent understands that as soon as you have a child, two hands simply aren’t enough, but by hooking this handy tool onto your pushchair handle, you can hang your bag from the other side of the hook with ease.

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“Must-have accessory”

4. An organiser that straps to your stroller is perfect for those who like things to have their own individual place for maximum order. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, organisers are great way to keep everything that you need to hand close by without having to rummage right to the bottom of the changing bag.

5. If you have a child that prefers walking and another of your children is still required to be in a pushchair, a ride on is an absolute must-have accessory to invest in. With a ride on, you have the option to let your little one toddle to their hearts content, and when they ultimately become too tired, they can jump on to a ride on board.

6. With the UK’s unpredictable weather, it goes without saying that a rain cover for your stroller is a necessity. Protect your child from the rain and wind with an easily implemented cover, that can also be folded up compactly so that it can be carried anywhere with you.

7. When strolling your pushchair in the colder months, or if you’re travelling somewhere abroad that has colder temperatures, handmuffs are a staple to pimp your pushchair. Prevent your hands getting numb with the help of handmuffs that attach to the handles of your pushchair, cosy and fashionable options of course!

8. With children comes mess and when eating, food can get absolutely everywhere! Reduce the trouble of having to brush the crumbs off the seat and allow your child to eat from a tray that latches on to either side of the pushchair and sits perfectly in front of them.


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