Essentials to Enjoy Springtime with Your Baby

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After spending the winter months indoors, you and your baby are probably more than ready to finally get out of the house. Aside from enjoying some sunlight and fresh air, babies get more sensory stimulation outdoors as it’s a different environment from your home. Plus, an article on Hike it Baby explains that spending time outdoors can give your baby a stronger immune system.

But of course, going out isn’t always a walk in the park; you still need to be cautious and safe, especially since we’re still in a pandemic. Fortunately, you can make any spring outdoor trip easier by bringing the right items with you (aside from your masks and sanitiser, of course).

Baby changing bag

Babies need a lot of things, such as nappies, wipes, snacks, and toys. No matter how quick your trip outside is, having a changing bag ensures that you have whatever your baby needs — whether they get hungry, bored, or need a nappy change. The baby changing bags featured on The Independent show how modern designs are durable and don’t immediately look like change bags at all. The JEM + BEA Jemima black, for example, gives off a subtle luxurious feel that makes it look like a chic weekend bag. It even comes with handles and straps so you can connect it to your pushchair. The best part is its many compartments, which should help you easily organise your baby essentials.

A sturdy pushchair

Spring is the perfect weather to enjoy longer walks outdoors along scenic places, such as towpaths and woodland routes. To ensure a smooth and comfortable walk, you’ll need a sturdy pushchair with wheels that are suited to the different terrains. Most pushchairs have thin wheels that are designed for use on concrete only. If you use these on a wet muddy path you are likely to find yourself stuck. The single pushchairs on iCandy demonstrate how some models are designed with bigger and thicker wheels, and are made “to handle a multitude of terrains from busy streets, pavements and even grass surfaces.” The benefit of these all terrain pushchairs is that they will last you through the mixed weather of spring and all through the year.

Essentials to Enjoy Springtime with Your Baby pram

Rain gear

As the saying goes: ‘April showers bring May flowers’. Indeed, spring days can quickly go from a sunny morning to a rainy afternoon, so you should be ready for a downpour at anytime. Even if your pushchair has a rain cover, some extra protection doesn’t hurt. Rain gear should be highly waterproof and also able to keep your child warm. Fortunately, you can invest in rain suits that are durable and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about any stains on your baby’s clothes.

Portable playpen

It may sound like an odd thing, but bringing a playpen along for a spring trip can let you spend more time outdoors. If you’re planning on sitting at a park, you can assemble the playpen for your baby, so they’re not strapped in the pushchair or sitting on your lap the whole time. For instance, the All-Stars Joy Baby Playpen is not only portable and lightweight, but also made of weather-resistant materials. It comes with padding too for added protection and comfort for your baby.

Indeed, there is no time like the spring to get out there with your infant. Just remember to stay safe and make your trip as convenient as possible. Of course, you can also enjoy the weather from your garden and reap the same benefits. On that note, head over to our blog post on Spring Gardening Advice to prep your garden for spring.


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