Early Childcare and Parenting Tips Before Christmas

Early Childcare and Parenting Tips Before Christmas main

Early Childcare and Parenting Tips Before Christmas

Christmas is often a stressful time of the year. Presents need to be purchased and wrapped, food needs to be bought and cooked. Decorations need to be hung up and the day to day running of life needs to be maintained. If you have early years children this can be a particularly busy if wonderful time of the year. With this in mind, here are some tips which will help you make the most of Christmas and avoid most of the stress.

Get Organised

It makes sense to get on top of Christmas as best you can. Get the presents ordered so you can get them wrapped and ready for the big day. Ensure you have at least a plan about the food taking into account guest numbers if applicable. Try and work out how your Christmas week will unfold and what happens on the day itself and what tasks will be carried out by which responsible adult. You now have the makings of a plan.

If you are travelling, try and get packed in good time so you’re not rushing around on the day itself. If the journey will be long check online for possible travel disruption. This way you can replot routes to avoid problems.

Early Childcare and Parenting Tips Before Christmas kids


If your children are too young to understand what Christmas is about then you may want to consider getting practical presents. Educational toys and clothes are essential. For the latter consider www.condorbarcelona.uk and similar. Try and go for character rather than the mainstream. Your children will look better in photographs and the fabrics will be nicer on their skin. To that end search for the following term to get the best results: shop baby socks in UK and see what search engines come up with.

Similar searches for educational toys will give you the best of the best. Try and avoid big commercial sellers to maintain quality. Buy the best you can afford for your budget.

Prepare for No Sleep

If your children are too young to appreciate the big day this doesn’t mean you’re going to get plenty of sleep. Young children as you no doubt know tend to wake up in the night and there is absolutely no reason for that routine to change. If your children are a little older they might be excited and find it hard to go to sleep. Here, old-school techniques such as stating that Santa won’t come if you’re awake will give them the incentive they need.

You may want to take them out to the park so they can work off energy. Try and make bedtime as calm as possible and don’t forget to make sure anything you have put out for Santa is gone come the morning.

The Big Day

The big day is often a case of muddling through but try and stick to the plan as best you can. Whether you are hosting guests, travelling to see relatives, or having a ‘quiet’ one make sure you have a reward when the day’s over. You deserve it and it will give you something to look forward to.


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