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Equipment Rental

Home improvements and construction are booming in Yorkshire at the moment. New builds are springing up all over the county while nearly every street has a home that is being renovated. Depending on whether you’re in the construction business or an enthusiastic DIYer you will soon or later need to hire specialist equipment.

Advantages of Equipment Rental for Construction Projects

There are clear advantages to renting construction equipment if you run a construction or home improvement company. Renting bypasses capital expenditure costs, and you do not have equipment sitting around idle until needed. Using specialist tool hire services rather than purchasing them outright also means you can budget more accurately and you don’t have to worry about storing and transporting it.

Perhaps best of all the servicing of the equipment is not your responsibility. This is great for your health and safety practices as it places less stress on your organisation, and it is better for your budget.

Using Specialist Tool Hire for Your DIY Projects

Increasingly, people are getting more ambitious with their home improvement projects. As such, the need to rent specialist equipment from ladders, angle grinders, scaffolding, and mini diggers are increasing. This is partly driven by the challenges of doing your own home improvements, and the cost of hiring experts to make significant changes. Thanks to mini digger hire you can clear your own tarmac or stubborn plants, saving a small fortune in the process.

Once you get the hang of the equipment you can accomplish a lot in a small space of time. This means that DIY tasks that normally take weeks and months can now be completed in a few days. As you complete the work a lot faster you and your family will experience less disruption and can enjoy the home sooner. You can also talk about when hosting BBQs to show-off your achievements.

Safety Aspects of Using Specialist Equipment

Regardless of what tool you are using it is important that you follow safety instructions. Make no mistake an accident with an angle grinder or mini digger will cause damage. As such, follow these safety rules:

  • Ensure you know how the equipment operates and where the emergency stop is located if your equipment has one.
  • Ensure that structural based equipment such as ladders and scaffolding is secure
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment such as steel toe cap boots, helmets, goggles, and gloves. (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Ensure you know where power lines are located and sewerage pipes. Moving through these with an excavator or drilling through one is dangerous and no fun to repair.
  • Ensure that only people who need to be in your workspace are allowed. This is especially true of children who can be over curious at times. Disaster strikes when you’re concentrating on the task and don’t notice what your son or daughter is doing, or your attention is split between the two.

Finding a Good Specialist Equipment Rental Company

Try and find good specialist tool hire businesses that have been established for a few years and have plenty of branches. They will be able to help you find the right tool for the job as well as provide you with better equipment suitable to what you are trying to accomplish.


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