5 Reasons Why Renovating Is Better Than Buying a New Home

5 Reasons Why Renovating Is Better Than Buying a New Home

Like all homeowners, you probably feel very attached to your home. It’s that one place where you feel safe and comfortable. Plus, it holds precious memories for you and your family. But life changes and your family grows. There comes a moment when the house you’ve settled in all those years ago is simply not big enough. If you’ve already started thinking about packing your things and moving, hold on for a minute. It may turn out that renovating may actually be a much better idea than finding a new place to live.

It’s affordable

If you decide on buying a new property, you have to be prepared for the cost. Even after selling your current house, you may still need a loan to cover all the expenses. Not to mention the whole moving process which will increase the final price as well. On the other hand, there is a big chance that your savings will be enough to pay for a renovation. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to remodel the whole building all at once. You can choose different areas or even go about it room by room. All of this will lower the amount of money needed quite significantly.

Familiar environment

Planning removals to Ealing or Wembley can be a lot of fun when you live in the suburbs, but at the end of the day, there are many different aspects you need to consider before you make a decision about moving out. For example, you need to think about whether you really feel comfortable with the idea of finding yourself in a completely new neighbourhood. Most people like living in a familiar environment, where they are surrounded by family and friends. Once you move to a different place, you’ll have to learn your way around again. While it may sound exciting to some people, others don’t necessarily find such an idea to be very appealing.

5 Reasons Why Renovating Is Better Than Buying a New Home relax

Comfort level

By buying a new house, you’re starting from scratch. When it comes to your home, where you’ve lived for many years, you already know every inch of it. You know what the problems are and what needs to be repaired. With a newly bought property, you have no such information. It’s possible that after moving in, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised by things you didn’t even expect. You can avoid such issues by renovating your own property. Plus, you already know exactly what it is that you want to change there, so you can tackle the right tasks right from the beginning. Thanks to this you’ll still be living in a familiar place, but it’ll be much more comfortable.

Added value

You can use your savings to update an outdated heating system or install new windows with better insulation. Such alterations will not only increase the comfort of your house but its value as well. Even if you don’t plan on selling, it’s an important aspect to keep in mind. Your property is an asset and investing in it can bring you benefits in the future. Implementing modern trends like floating stairs, open spaces and convenient storage options, you’ll make your offer look much more attractive to potential buyers.

More space

And last but not least, it’s time to think about the main issue. Your current house is too small to fit your family. But is it really? If your building has an unused attic space, it can be converted into a loft. This way, you can gain a significant amount of space. Plus, with the right design plan and installation of roof windows, you’ll be able to create an incredibly relaxing and comfortable area. There’s also another option, and it’s to build an extension to your house. You need to check with your local council whether it’s possible to get a permit. But it’s an idea worthy of considering as it can be a great addition to your living space.

If you feel connected to your home and moving doesn’t feel like the most pleasant thing, you should take a break from looking at property ads and consider a renovation. It’s possible that you’ll need less money to get more satisfying results. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect solution?


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