Yo Sushi, Trinity Leeds – Restaurant Review

yo sushi trinity restaurant

Yo Sushi, Trinity, Leeds

Restaurant Review

by Rebecca Tredget

This second Leeds branch of Yo! Sushi is perched up in the food court of new mega shopping experience, Trinity. There’s no table booking but our waiting time was minimal. There’s a choice of booths or bar style eating, all centralised around a conveyor belt with sushi chefs preparing dishes in the middle. Everything is colourful, bright and clean with a buzz of staff and upbeat music.

restaurant reviewOn each table there are the dining accessories; soy sauce, taps with still & sparkling water, chop sticks, wasabi and a big pot of pickled ginger (I am ashamed to say I finished the whole pot of our pickled ginger – I am a fiend for it).

You have access to the conveyor belt which has varying dishes from the cold menu that you can pick up, or you have a button which calls over the nearest waiter to order hot food or anything you fancy that hasn’t quite made it round the conveyor belt yet. Dishes are colour coded into six price brackets and at the end of the meal they tot up how many plates you have had of each colour. The drinks menu isn’t excessive, with only a few options for each ‘type’. We opt for the Los Romeros Sauvignon Blanc (£14.60 a bottle) which is lovely, crisp and very reasonably priced.

“Bursting with flavour”

miso soupWe start off by picking a couple of dishes from the conveyor belt. I opt for the Beef Nigiri (£3) and the Salmon Sashimi (£4). The salmon is beautifully soft and buttery, an absolute delight to eat. The beef is a premium cut, seared very lightly and still very rare – just how I like it. It sits on a plump mound of perfectly cooked sushi rice, soft and well seasoned. Having whet our appetite with a few cold dishes we order from the hot menu. Spicy Pepper Squid (£3.50), Vegetable Gyoza (£3), Soft Shell Crab Tempura (£5), Pumpkin Korroke (£4) and Tofu Katsu Curry (£3.50) come our way.

The food throughout comes out quickly. Piping hot straight from the kitchen. I am surprised at how well the squid is cooked. Still tender and not at all chewy (sadly, an all too frequent occurrence). There is also a sprinkling of heat from the chilli. The gyoza dumplings are bursting with flavour, with a lovely vinegary dipping sauce. I regret not ordering more of the different varieties on offer.

“Delicate and buttery”

restaurant trinity leedsThe crab is a wild card order. Neither me or my date are huge crab fans. But I’ve always been intrigued by the soft shell variety so couldn’t pass an opportunity to try them. And boy am I glad we order them. They are so delicate and buttery with a delicious, subtle crab flavour. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A real winner.

I’m less enthralled with the pumpkin korroke however. Little croquettes of pumpkin are indeed crispy, however lack any real flavour. A touch of seasoning would have uplifted them. The tofu katsu is a little bowl of delight. Crispy deep fried tofu sat on a mound of rice with a flavourful curry sauce.

Dishes here are taster size. So although by this point it may sound like we’d eaten a lot my dining partner is still hungry for more. We decide on one of the specials, the Prawn Super Mega Katsu Curry (£7). This is essentially a super-sized version of the katsu dishes on the hot menu. It lives up to its name. It is big and an absolute steal at £7. You could easily eat this as a main. The prawns are big and juicy, deep fried in crispy panko breadcrumbs, sitting on top of an epic amount of rice with that lovely curry sauce. We nab a plate of Edamame (£1.80) from the conveyor belt to go with this. Our token greenery for the evening.

“A high to end our meal”

leeds japaneseAfter the mega katsu we are starting to feel pretty full. Knowing we only have room for a couple more things we sacrifice pudding in favour of a Crispy Salmon Skin Hand Roll (£1.80 each). A cone of nori (seaweed) filled with rice and salty crispy salmon skin flakes is perfect. Just the right size.

We decide to call it a day when I spot some beautiful-looking Coriander Tuna Sashimi (£3.50) making its way round the conveyor belt. I cajole my date into action. The fish is ever so lightly seared with a coriander coating. It is quite possibly the best piece of tuna I’ve ever tasted. Absolutely melt in your mouth and a perfect high on which to end our meal.

“Food overshadows the gimmicks”

Service throughout the meal is quick and attentive without being intrusive. The staff are really friendly without ever coming across as fake. This isn’t the sort of place you’d come on an intimate date. The lighting is bright and there’s constant noise and hubbub. I could imagine coming here alone and grabbing a couple of dishes and being done in ten minutes. Equally I could imagine coming here with a few friends, spending some time stopping and starting (like we did).

The menu has the calories on so you can be naughty or nice. The price tiering means that you can spend a little or a lot. I thought before dining at Yo! Sushi that the gimmicks might overshadow the food. But actually the food going around on the conveyor belt actually overshadow the gimmicks. For that reason alone, I will definitely be going back.

Trinity Leeds, Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AY

01132 133 621

Mon-Thu 11.30am-10.30pm
Fri-Sat 11.30am -11pm
Sun 11.30am-10.30pm

A meal for two people including wine was roughly £55



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