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Revolution, The Electric Press, Leeds

Restaurant Review

by Rebecca Tredget

Revolution has had a makeover – and it looks fantastic! I was expecting to feel a bit confused entering on a Sunday in daylight when previously I’ve only ever visited when inebriated post 9pm. I thought it would be like when I was younger and saw a teacher outside of school – a bit awkward, with neither of us really knowing how to act around each other.

revolution leeds reviewHowever, the new interior quashes any of those worries. The dining area is bright and airy. In an English country garden chic-style. There are lots of mismatched furniture and vintage-feel floral fabrics. It is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch. Although we decide against drinking I have a quick peruse of the cocktail menu and I am impressed. Classics like mojitos sit alongside the more unique, like Cherry Cola with a vodka twist. I go for a Grapetiser (£1.90) which is a great adult alternative for mainstream fizzy pop and one I’ve never previously seen on a menu.

“Lashings of smoky BBQ bourbon”

To eat I order the Stuffed Jalapeños (£5.25) which are five perfectly breadcrumbed and deep fried green jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese. Piping hot with a delicious chilli kick, I could eat huge amounts of them. They are served with a vodka tomato salsa which is very tasty. Although I don’t detect any vodka kick. My date orders the Sweet Potato and Chorizo Croquettes (£5.25) which are four plump croquettes filled with rich mashed sweet potato and nuggets of spicy chorizo. They are served with a rum sauce which has a sweetness that complements the croquettes perfectly.

leeds revolution reviewFor my main course I order a burger. I go for The Bourbon Bad Boy (£11.95) which makes my jaw drop when it arrives. It is so huge! Inside a toasted sesame seed bun sit lots of crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, lashings of smoky BBQ bourbon and perfectly cooked onion rings. In addition to that are two rashers of griddled bacon smothered with melted cheese.

Managing to get past all the ‘extras’ I finally get to the burgers! Two thick meat patties which are juicy, tender, smoky and, above all, meaty. Everything great burgers should be! All of this comes with a sharp, tangy pickle on the side and Cajun spiced fries. The fries are, strangely perhaps, my favourite part of the meal. Crisp and salty with a dusting of Cajun spice – a perfect accompaniment!

“Proper hearty grub”

My dining partner opts for the Denver Steak Fries (£8.25) which, again, is of mammoth proportions. A huge platter of fries covered in melted cheese, peppercorn sauce and slices of steak. It is pure comfort food. The fries, as before, are divine. The cheese and peppercorn sauce is deep and rich, perfect with the slices of rare (as requested) steak.

I am truly surprised by Vodka Revolution. Not only does the makeover transform it from a night-time bar to a round-the-clock venue, the food is genuinely enjoyable. Proper hearty grub. The staff are really lovely and attentive throughout our visit without being overbearing and I for one can’t wait to go back and get stuck in to the cocktail menu!

A two course meal for two with soft drinks was roughly £40
0113 3804992
41 Cookridge St, Millennium Square, Leeds LS2 3AW


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