Pieminister, Leeds – Restaurant Review


Pieminister, Leeds

Restaurant Review

by Rob Siddle

The latest addition to the hip Leeds foodie scene, Pieminister sits glass-fronted, warm and welcoming in the heart of Leeds. It is just across from the Corn Exchange on the edge of Call Lane.

Pieminister Pimp Up Pie leedsWith my memories of ‘pie and peas’ stemming from damp bonfire nights and the joys of Sunday league football, I didn’t quite know what to expect from an all-out themed and branded pie restaurant. So I picked up a friend on a steady Saturday afternoon and headed for a late lunch to line our stomachs.

Greeted by a stylish decor, exposed brick, steel conduct, copper pipes and festoon lighting, Pieminister looked and felt like a well-established and comfortable place to eat. There were plenty of tables free, and plenty of staff on hand. After a slight delay, we were given free choice for a table and picked a nice spot in the window, looking out to the street.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the menu listed pies, pies and more pies. Pies of all varieties – and some with fillings you could only just imagine. We made our crusted choices with two sides each.

Pieminister review leeds food

They came accompanied by a pint of Freedom 4 Lager (a fresh, light lager on draft). It sat perfectly alongside the feast to come. Unfortunately, before our food arrived, what turned out to be a member of staff sat on the table beside us, M&S lunch in hand, and proceeded to take a lunch break whilst we were served our food. Not exactly what we were expecting. Hardly befitting of a hip and contemporary eaterie, no matter how informal.


“A new alternative”

Still, it didn’t really detract from the flavours to come. The pie of choice is served hot and alone, with a side of unbelievably great tasting gravy. I went for the Moo & Blue Pie (£5.10) which, as the name suggests, comes filled with British beef steak & Long Clawson stilton – and sides of Cider-Battered Onion Rings (£3.20) and Skin on Chips (£2.80). My colleague ordered The Matador (£5.10), which is British beef steak, chorizo, olive & butter bean, alongside Mac and Cheese (£3.50).

Pieminister Ice Cream Pies leedsInitially we questioned the portion size. Surely nobody should leave a pie restaurant wanting more! We tucked in, breaking the crumbly, buttery pastry. The meat was succulent and absolutely full of flavour. Each ingredient working perfectly to make what really can only be described as ‘top quality pies’.

It soon became clear that we also had ample food. The thick, rich, ever so filling gravy was a great addition. Determined to finish everything and with the sweat running from my brow, my companion turned to me and uttered the immortally romantic line: “I remember my first pie!” Ah, memories.

Pieminister is a great addition to the Leeds foodie scene, offering the city’s legion of diners a new alternative. And come on, who doesn’t love a good pie now and then?

Pieminister, Leeds
15 – 17 Duncan Street, Leeds LS1 6DQ
Open 7 days a week. Mon – Sat, from 10am until late. Sunday from  11am


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