Lost and Found Afternoon Tea, Leeds – Review

lost and found afternoon tea review leeds

Lost and Found, Leeds – Afternoon Tea


by Kerryn Duckworth

Rumour has it the afternoon tea was developed in the UK by the Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Russell, as she was visiting Belvoir Castle. She transformed the afternoon tea into what we know today; a late afternoon meal. Primarily, it was for the upper class and wealthy social classes, but now the custom is  open for all, including groups of friends, families and couples. Lost and Found is the latest venue to offer this sweet and savoury treat.

Nestled in the middle of the now pedestrianised Greek Street, on the site which once hosted La Tasca; Lost and Found sits alongside favourites Alchemist and Manahatta and is a laid back Victorian hideaway cocktail bar with venues also present in Birmingham and Knutsford.

We’re welcomed in to the bar by the friendly team at the door and seated around the corner overlooking the seating downstairs. The atmosphere is laid back and recreates the Victorian feel it tries to recreate. The faux hedges surround the balcony creating a feeling of outside inside and low hunk lighting, trinkets and wall displays add to the atmosphere Lost and Found successfully produce.

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Our server Jordan talks us through the afternoon tea menu options in detail and we’re persuaded by the standard afternoon tea with a glass of Prosecco (£24.95 per person with the Prosecco). It’s served straight away chilled with a fresh raspberry. It’s a nice touch to start the meal alongside the breakfast tea.

It isn’t long before the food arrives; each stand is designed for two people to share. However, where to start? Is it sandwiches first, then cake then scones or sandwiches then scones then cakes? Or scones first?! And is it scone (as in cone) or scone (as in con)?! There’s too much to contemplate, so we start with the sandwiches. Due to dietary requirements, some are substituted for an alternative from the Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea (£18.95 per person). This menu is more meat based and savoury as opposed to the traditional afternoon tea but Lost and Found are very accommodating to our request.

lost and found afternoon tea leeds review


The sandwiches are flavoursome and a great start to the tea. The chutney in the jam baguette; home made on site is tangy and brings the thick chunky slices of ham to life. The avocado, mozzarella and pesto bite size sandwich are creamy and moreish. Not only are there sandwiches to cater for the savoury tooth, the feta and caramelised onion pastry is sticky and crunchy and gives an extra dimension to the savoury element of the tea.

We go for the scones next, served with lashings of clotted cream and jam. A scone is not a scone unless it’s covered with both. A lot of both.

Without allowing the scone to fill up the stomach too much, we leave some room for the sweet treats. The tiered cake stand topped with mini desserts to make even those without a sweet tooth look on with joy. The homemade raspberry trifle is fun and traditional with sprinkles littered across the top reminding me of being 10 years old and thinking sprinkles made everything taste nicer!

The earl grey panna cotta is creamy and luxurious, finished with flowers for decadence. What does look like a chocolate dream is the popcorn tiffin, littered with crushed biscuits and raisins, the tiffin wants to be eaten however the clothes waistband does not allow it. Instead we request to take the pieces home with the scone and we’re presented with them in a takeaway box.

lost and found afternoon tea leeds review Gentleman's Tea

“Laid back”

Whilst the experience at Lost and Found is definitely one I’d try again, there are two things to note. It would have been good to have been able to opt for 1 x Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea and 1 x normal Afternoon Tea so we could try alternatives and share. And we need a bigger table! With the amount of drinks – prosecco, water, tea and then the cake stand, side plates and scones we feel a little cramped so could really do with a 4-seater table.

Whilst selecting an afternoon tea venue around Leeds will leave endless possibilities, I would highly recommend Lost and Found. The service is attentive and friendly, the food tasty and delicious and the venue laid back and stylish despite me walking out with boxes of food in hand. Who cares how you pronounce scone (it rhymes with cone by the way), it’s all eaten the same way!

PS. The tiffin was delicious.

Lost and Found, 12 Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5PT

Afternoon Tea and Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea, £18.95 for 2 people, served daily from 12pm

0113 493 1061


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