Is Mulled Wine Worth Drinking?

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By Paul Howard

Q: Dear Paul, Have you ever vehemently disagreed with a fellow critic about the calibre of a certain wine – or do you all pretty much concur on these things?
Ady Gray, Menston

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A: Disagreement goes with the territory. No matter how hard we try to be objective we all have our preferences and biases. My own palate is a closer match to some colleagues than others, a good reason why wine judging is best conducted by a panel. Occasionally, sparks fly in public when things get personal. An infamous spat some years ago between American guru Robert Parker and our own Jancis Robinson occurred over the merits of Château Pavie 2003. Parker thought it brilliant; Robinson called it ridiculous. All part of the fun!

Q: What’s your take on mulled wine? Is it worth a look beyond Christmas?
Don C, via email

A: Mulled wine is for life, not just for Christmas. It’s great as a party icebreaker or just shared in front of a log fire anytime, though winter suits it best. Virtually any cheap red wine will do, as long as there is fruit and alcohol. There’s a great recipe on my website.


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