Ladies’ Favourite Drinks While Playing Online

Ladies’ Favourite Drinks While Playing Online main

As online gaming reaches new levels of popularity, it’s perhaps unsurprising that gamers have diversified and ‘tribes’ have emerged.

There are social gamers and solo gamers, late night addicts and lunch break aficionados, the pro-gamer and the tinkerer, the MMO master playing The Elder Scrolls and the gambler taking their chances on 888 Ladies – and let’s not forget the trolls, those strange creatures from the netherworld whose only gaming ambition is to make someone else’s gaming experience as miserable as possible.

Yes, we’ve all met them.

But these days, there are even tribes-within-tribes: There’s the retro gamer, who’ll only touch a console if it was created pre-1998. Or the elitist, whose list of 100% completed games just grows and grows. And of course, there’s the female gamer – not so much a ‘tribe’, more a huge momentum surge and a game-changer for the whole gaming entertainment industry.

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Back in 2007, females accounted for only 38% of the gaming market, in 2019 it’s almost a level playing field with men, with 46% of gamers now being female. That 8% shift in a market now worth $135bn a year is huge. Before you get your calculators out, that’s a cool $11bn female-led boost a year to the industry.

And with female gaming comes different gaming habits, not just in the way females interact online (generally much more friendly and inclusive than males), but how they fuel their gaming habits. Indeed, the female gamer’s drink of choice whilst gaming is crucial to their overall enjoyment – so with that in mind here are the female gamer’s top 7 beverages enjoyed while playing online:


The modern day revival of gin is echoed by its popularity with female gamers. A tipple of pink gin goes down well alongside a spot of social gaming such as online casino or bingo games – just don’t let the gin run away with the judgement, of course!


A bit of fizz with your shoot ‘em up? The bubbles add some much-needed sparkle to some serious blasting as female shooters enjoy a cool sip between end of level bosses – and there’s always a splash left for visiting friends.


For massive online multiplayers energy is king. How else are you going to navigate the seven seas and beyond unless you’ve got a caffeine and sugar rush crutch to help you through? All great – unless you actually want to go to bed and sleep.

Ladies’ Favourite Drinks While Playing Online coffee


Ah, the sensible gaming option. Enough caffeine for a mind boost, but without the judgement-sapping effects of alcohol. Coffee or tea are perfect for strategists or those in need of a sharpener before a big battle.


The cool head. The unflustered one. The smart option. For some dedicated female gamers only a chilled occasional sip on a bottle of iced water will do. Who needs flavour when you’ve a horde of orcs to talk down, right? Stay hydrated, kids.


The ultimate social drink has fuelled many a female gamer’s session, whether it’s a glass of Chardonnay as part of a social game of bingo, or a deep red to ease you through the nightmarish parts of the latest survival horror.


And sometimes it’s not a question of thirst, but a question of sating that sweet tooth – and all in the name of the latest sugar rush that’ll boost you through that particularly tricky section in Super Mario Galaxy where everything goes a little bit trippy. You know the one, right?

Whatever drink choice you make to help you through your gaming hours, remember to play safe and stay responsible. And to the new generation of female gamers we raise a glass, say ‘cheers’ and look forward to the day when gaming is a 50/50 gender split.


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