The Joy of a Wine Tasting Weekend with Loved Ones

The Joy of a Wine Tasting Weekend with Loved Ones main

Based on an online and in-person survey conducted by Goblet + Gobble, a popular food and wine blog/publication, a whopping 70% of wine enthusiasts said that their primary reason for visiting wineries and going on wine tasting weekends and events was so that they could connect with loved ones, family, or friends – and, of course, have a jolly good time.

Whether your intention is to learn more about what goes into wine making or to spend a relaxing time in the company of a loved one, going on a wine tasting weekend is a fabulous idea that ticks all the right boxes: yummy wine, gourmet cheese and food, picturesque views, relaxation, and tons of sun and warm weather!

Here are all the reasons why a wine tasting weekend will lead to amazing memories and why it should, therefore, make it to the top of your list of “weekend activities to do with loved ones.”

Lifelong memories

Whether you intend to visit a local winery for the weekend — local here meaning within your country — or to travel to an exotic wine-producing location such as the Douro Valley, Portugal, your wine tasting weekend will no doubt lead to unforgettable memories for you and your loved one.

A foundational element most wine growing regions have in common is warm, favourable weather, and in most instances, picturesque, rolling hills and valley. Consider, for instance, visiting the Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France for a high-end wine tasting tour, or try somewhere closer to home, such as the breathtaking Hencote, Shrewsbury, where you can also stay in luxury vineyard accommodation.

If there is any doubt in your mind when at such a beautiful location, enjoying amazing wine in the company of your loved ones, watching the sun cast its orange hue over rolling hills and plateaus as it sets, that it will lead to some amazing memories?

If you had doubts about whisking your loved one away for a surprise or even wine tasting weekend, doubt no more: the picturesque beauty of wine country will marvel you and lead to a weekend rich in fond, lifelong memories.

The Joy of a Wine Tasting Weekend with Loved Ones family

Enhance your wine knowledge

A glass of wine is a glorious delight that many of us enjoy immensely at the end of a demanding and tiresome day. Here is the thing though: Even though many of us enjoy a glass — or even a bottle — very few of us know the finer points of wine tasting.

For instance, can you discern the different aromas, or effectively assess the intricate taste structure present in your favourite bottle of wine? If you are like most conventional wine drinkers — and enthusiasts — you are likely to answer “no”.

When you head out for a wine tasting event, in addition to creating strongly etched, fond memories, the other thing that is likely to happen is that the winery you visit is also likely to offer you and your partner an introductory, but very involved wine tasting class that will significantly enhance your wine knowledge.

High end wine tasting tours will do more than give you an introductory wine tasting class: they will have an involved wine tasting class that will train your palate so much so that after your weekend of wine tasting, you would have learned so much that you could give a sommelier a run for his or her money.

During a wine tasting weekend and tour, you also learn lots about the vinification process; in some instances, you may even get a chance to participate, perhaps by helping pick the berries, crush them, and start the fermentation process, etc.


The other notable thing about the joy of a wine tasting weekend with loved ones is that some wineries will give you a chance to taste rare wines or some very good wines you would otherwise not try. You also learn a lot about the history of wine production in the wine growing region you choose to visit.


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