5 Wine Secrets Every Wine Enthusiast Must Know


Have you ever find yourself indulging in a  glass of wine and gets dissatisfied with the taste? Have you asked yourself if you are sipping the right flavor? Is the wine you are drinking worth another try? Would you like to set it aside and look for another label to taste? Or, you don’t want to drink wine any more? 

Sitting on your couch and sipping a glass of wine is the best way to destress yourself, especially if you came from a tiresome day at work. Most of us wanted to do the same thing. However, there are instances that the wine does not offer a pleasing taste. Instead of relieving the anxiety we are feeling, we get more disappointed because it no longer suits our palate. 

Take note that wine comes in many varieties, and each of them comes in different flavors. Some wines carry total sweetness. There are also wine labels that taste dry and strong. It is crucial that before you sip a glass of wine, you need to understand the whole structure and characteristic of the wine fully so that you won’t get upset. 

There are many ways you can find to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the wine. It can provide your primary goal to get the best value of your money. 

Today, we’d like to give you the best-kept secrets of selecting the best wine to savor every drop while you chill out from the pressure you feel. 

Tasting Wine Like a Pro

Wine tasting is something you must learn to be able to pick the right label like a pro. There is a simple routine you can follow to ultimately satisfy your tastebuds. They come in four easy steps, namely; looking, swirling, smelling, and sipping. You need to follow these steps chronologically to make sure that you sip a perfect wine all day long. 

The first thing you have to do is to pour a glass of wine. You must then incline the glass and observe the clarity and color of the wine. When you get the right texture, slowly swirl the wine glass so it can release the real aroma. You should feel the scent of the smell of the ingredients used to make the wine you are tasting, such as tropical fruits and exclusive grape varietal. 

Does Screw Or Corked Cap Matters?

The cap of the wine is another secret you must know about wines. In general, there is nothing wrong with how the wine gets capped. A screw cap or corked cup comes in a specific purpose. It doesn’t mean that a wine is screw cap the more it costs. Winemakers are designing the cap concerning the type of wine.

Wines that come with a screw cap are cheaper and more reliable. It is because they keep the flavors of wines fresh and consistent. Wines that also come with corked caps are labels that need the right amount or extended time of aging. These are commonly seen in vintage wines such as the ones you can find in https://www.sokolin.com/merlot-wines.

Are Vintage Wines Better?

Vintage wines are made with regards to the grape varietal grown in a specific year. White wines and red wines vary in vintage bottles it produces. White wines get their vintage representation for up to three years, where the grapes were harvested. Red wines come differently as the old label may represent a harvest done in the recent year up to four years. 

Take note that vintage wines associate at a higher price. Most vintage wines came from Bordeaux, which offers massive selection. You must also bear in mind that vintage wines don’t taste pleasant all the time. You must always find the right flavor before you opt to pick these types of wines. 

Does a Wine Glass Make a Difference?

Absolutely yes! The size of the glass can affect the whole flavor of the wine. Make sure that when you pour red or white wine, you must use a big glass vessel. It will help you smell the aroma more and at the same time, let the wine show off its real flavor. 

Sparkling wines such as Champagnes need a glass with a larger rim to show off its bubbly characteristics. 

Understanding the Wine Label

Comprehending each wine label is the most critical secret you must learn to enjoy what you are drinking. Wines can serve many purposes, and not all are fit for chilling out. There are many ways you can do to understand each wine label. You can do a quick research about the wine. You can also consider the regions where it came from, and the sweetness level it exudes. Sipping the best wine that complements with your palate and preference will surely give you the best way of destressing, all in the comfort of your home.


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