Pizzabuzz, Shoreditch, London – Restaurant Review


Pizzabuzz, Shoreditch, London

Restaurant Review

by Jen Grimble

Few good things in life can be delivered to you in two minutes. Yet the gems that emerge from a kitchen in Shoreditch go against this grain. Pizzabuzz boasts high temperature, oak-burning ovens and a do-it-yourself menu philosophy. It takes the concept of fast-food to a whole new level. As London’s largest pizzeria you can expect a fully customised pizza. And it’s cooked fresh in 120 seconds. Despite having opened its doors three months ago the restaurant flaunts a friendly confidence that is neither misguided, nor intimidating.

pizzabuzz london restaurant reviewThis all-day pizza joint is a stone’s throw from Shoreditch High Street, resting stealthily on the ground floor of the iconic Alphabeta Building. The architectural home plays homage to the traditional landmark, while flaunting a modern, cutting-edge interior. In the same way Pizzabuzz brings together the old and the new, as classic Italian flavours meet quirky, contemporary ingredients.

As you enter down Worship Street your eyes face many intriguing things. The whole room is vibrant and fun, as animated décor reflects childish abandon. Bags of flour line the windows, showcasing the restaurant’s signature ingredient. Hand-drawn wall murals decorate the industrial pillars of this large open space. Crisp white seating booths merge into one another like Lego pieces. Pastel chairs introduce softness to a room where Picasso and Lichtenstein could find inspiration. A self-service drinks area lines one wall. Finally, the impressive open kitchen sits against another, standing proud as the room’s focal point.


The refreshments are versatile, from beers to delicious homemade juices, like the Green Machine, a hearty blend of cucumber, curly kale, spinach, mint and apple (£4.99). Free purified water is also available on tap and customers can make an optional donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust when they help themselves. Yet the most exciting aspect of Pizzabuzz is its ingenious soda machine. The Coca-Cola Freestyle is only available in three UK restaurants; a DIY haven offering 125 drink flavours, from the big brands to peculiar combinations, hours can be wasted standing over this joyous machine.

PizzaBuzz Veal meatballs shoreditch

If you can tear yourself away the chefs await your customised pizza order. With over 50 ingredients on offer, you will no doubt want them all, but with a little consideration you can create the perfect personalised pizza. There is a menu for guidance but it is far more fun to create your own. Firstly, select from a traditional dough (Pizzabuzz’s signature 50% wheat, 50% spelt flour blend), or the gluten-free alternative (add £2). Then top it with sauce; “Rossa” is a cheese-free option with crushed tomatoes, garlic, oregano and olive oil, a vibrant and full-flavoured classic (£4.25). For something a little different “Verde” (£5.95) is a refreshing pine nut basil pesto, complete with mozzarella and parmesan for a rich sauce that is as lively as it is fresh.

“Lashings of colourful toppings”

Then you construct; a vast selection of proteins await, including smoked salmon (£2), veal meatballs (£2) and fennel salami (£1.50), while the cheese options introduce classic ricotta, creamy goats cheese or Italian smoked provola for an additional £1.95. These can be accompanied by a beautiful selection of fresh vegetables (£1 each), like caramelised onions, broccoli or roasted courgette. Both the meat-eaters and the vegetarians are left equally satisfied since few restaurants cater so effectively for dietary requirements. When your customised pizza arrives behold a golden crust, crisp and soft in equal measure, displaying lashings of colourful toppings and a rich, hearty sauce.

pizzabuzz restaurant review 2015If this isn’t enough to make you put your coat on and run to Shoreditch, Pizzabuzz offers a selection of authentic Burratas. Imagine a bowl filled with a giant ball of rich, oozing mozzarella, garnished as desired. The heirloom tomato and basil option is a classic combination that never fails. These little Italian delights are mouth-wateringly delicious for only £5.50 a portion. For anyone still standing Pizzabuzz has a selection of homemade ice-creams from their in-house parlour, Mamoo. Pick from traditional ice cream, or opt for goat or almond milk alternatives. Either way, these little rubs of pleasure are the perfect size for a refreshing finisher (£1.95).

“Goes beyond”

Pizzabuzz has just launched Bottomless Bubbles. This will get you a two hour slot to indulge in free-flowing fizz and your very own customised pizza. For £25 per head this great value offer is available weeknights from 6pm until 9pm and weekends between 11am and 9pm. So while it might be difficult to get excited about a dish that is so readily available, Pizzabuzz goes beyond the expected. It squashes our cravings for standard thin crusts and showcases proper fast food with a true emphasis on the customer experience.

Pizzabuzz, Alphabeta Building, 2b Worship Street, London, EC2A 2AH
020 3815 6696


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