Food and Wine Tours Among Italian Beauty

Food and Wine Tours Among Italian Beauty main

Lovers of good wine and good food will find in Italy a variety of proposals from the north to the south of the peninsula. Culinary tastings or walks in the vineyards will be the right occasion to take part in food and wine tours and fully appreciate its tradition and culture.

Indeed the food and wine tourism in Italy continues to grow, awakened by the interest in oenology, accompanied by the possibility of rediscovering the flavours of typical products. Italian cuisine is so diverse that often in the same region, from town to town, recipes and traditions change.

Climate diversity has led to the development of very different products, and consequently very different traditions and recipes. The attention to wines is no less important. Italy is the country with the largest and most diverse wine production in the world. Starting from Piedmont and ending with Sicily, the Italian food and wine tradition will pleasantly surprise you. Let’s try to take a tour among visitors’ favourite specialities.

Food and Wine Tours Among Italian Beauty lake

Discovering the flavors of the Italian territory

Among the castles of the Langhe of Barolo in the Cuneo area there are many wine-producing realities, where you can enjoy ravioli del plin, bollito (boiled meat of Piedmont) and bagna càuda (hot dip based on anchovies, olive oil and garlic). Here the characteristic grape variety is Nebbiolo, the only one used to make Barolo.

A must-see city on your itinerary is definitely Genoa, with its famous pesto. Also typical of the region are the mesciua spezzina (a cereal and legume soup) or the Badalucco stockfish from the Riviera di Ponente.

Bordered by Brescia, Franciacorta is the realm of the eponymous sparkling wine DOCG produced by the method of refermentation in the bottle from Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco grapes. Here it is possible to get lost among a hundred wineries that arise in the midst of ancient monasteries and prestigious historic residences. For table lovers, fish from the lake and meat do battle here. The symbolic dishes are the stuffed tench of Clusane and the beef in Rovato oil, accompanied by the unmissable polenta.

Eating well in South Tyrol is not difficult at all. From the downstream restaurants, passing through the mountain refuges, it will be possible to taste the Canederli in brodo (dumplings made with leftover bread) or the apple fritters. Traditional Tyrolean dishes such as goulash and schulzkrafen are also available.

Food and Wine Tours Among Italian Beauty amalfi

“Splendid colours”

North of Verona, near Lake Garda it is impossible not to stop and appreciate Valpolicella. Here, in addition to the vineyards, it will be possible to admire stretches of cherry trees that surround the ancient villas. In addition to the unmissable red wine you can enjoy excellent pork meat sausages and fine fruit. Among the typical dishes the risotto with Amarone is a must.

Taking a trip to Venice, don’t forget the famous dish of the place: the Venetian liver. In your food and wine itinerary, the famous risi e bisi, a typical risotto with spring peas, is a must.

We finally arrived in Emilia Romagna, known for the best selections of Parmigiano Reggiano (parmisan) or the famous tortellini from Modena.

Between Florence and Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, there is the perfect itinerary for Chianti lovers. A road, the 222 Chiantigiana, which crosses the territory characterised by the splendid colours of the vineyards and olive groves. In this regard it is impossible not to taste the Dop oil on Tuscan bread. And some croutons with chicken livers, ribollita, tomato soup, cold cuts and delicious meats.

Crossing Italy for a food and wine tour a noteworthy area is certainly the hilly province of Teramo at the foot of the Gran Sasso. Here the king is the Montepulciano, one of the most interesting red wines of the territory. Here it is important to taste tradition dishes like maccheroni alla chitarra with pallottine (beef meatballs and sheep kebabs).

Food and Wine Tours Among Italian Beauty venice

“Beautiful island”

The tour reaches the south and it’s time to make a jump in Puglia, precisely south of Taranto, where you get to the heart of the red wine called Primitivo, of Manduria. Here, in addition to the splendid beaches of the Salento Tarantino, do not forget to taste the orecchiette with turnip tops or the “ciceri e tria” chickpeas and fried or partially boiled pasta.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most evocative stretches of the Italian coast and its precious lemons are an indispensable asset. As much as the Scialatielli all’Amalfitana, handmade pasta topped with clams. Continuing south we arrive in Reggio Calabria, which despite being a seaside town has the pig as its protagonist on the tables.

Sausages like the capocollo, and the frittole, all the offal of the animal fried in boiling oil. Do not miss the red onion of Tropea or a very popular dessert, the truffle of Pizzo.

Here we are finally at the end of our tour, with the beautiful island that is Sicily. We are exactly in Marsala a few steps from Trapani, a land characterised by being a crossroads of cultures and traditions. The city is the production fulcrum of the fortified Doc to which it gives its name. Do not miss the pane cunzato (seasoned bread) busiate with pesto (type of pasta) and fresh fish specialties. Obviously impossible not to be delighted by cannoli, cassate and arancini.


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