Dining with a Difference: The Rise of Themed Cafes in Leeds

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There’s no denying it. Yorkshire is fantastic when it comes to food. Whether it’s fancy fine dining, a quaint countryside cafe or a food festival, we’ve got it all in this county. It appears though, that the normal eating establishment just isn’t cutting it anymore, so we’ve decided to take dining to a new level. That is, having themed eateries or one-off nights which give you a new experience when it comes to dining and enjoying the more recent trend of cafe culture.

Let’s look at where you could go in Leeds to discover the world of themed cafes and foodie nights out, from the wacky to the wonderful.

themed cafes in leeds kitty cafe

1. Kitty Cafe

Food and playing with cats that are roaming free? Not something that springs to mind when you think of food hygiene, but it is a thing. Cat cafes are booming right now, and more and more are popping up over the country. One of the newest additions to Leeds’ café scene is the Kitty Café. With all the food and drink being prepared behind glass walls away from the felines, the Kitty Café gives you the opportunity to release your inner animal lover, especially if you don’t have the time or money to look after your own pet.

2. Clairvoyant Cafes

Feeling stressed and need a little insight into your life? As an alternative to playing with cats (not everyone is an animal person), pop-up psychic coffee nights and spiritual cafes are hitting the food and drink market. Clairvoyant readings by a psychic give you guidance through images, energies and even your voice. No matter where you feel your stresses lie, in your home life or career, clairvoyants can connect with you and set you on the right path. Psychic café nights are frequently held across Leeds, including at Just Grand Vintage Tea Rooms, Love and Light Tea Room and Jameson’s Café.

themed cafes in leeds white rabbit bar

3. The White Rabbit Bar

For fans of the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, go no further than The White Rabbit Bar. Situated on York Place, the bar is known for its gigs, club nights and beers. Perfect for a night out with mates. Whilst not seeming much at first as you must go into a basement to find the venue, once inside, it certainly does have the wacky interiors that belong in Wonderland. Signs pointing you in the direction of the various characters from the fantasy tale, and even ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ will transport you to another universe.

4. Zaap Thai

There’s no shortage of Thai restaurants in Leeds, but if you are after a truly authentic experience, then Zaap Thai has to be the place. Proving to be a success, the restaurant now has branches in Leeds, Nottingham, and Manchester. Designed as if you are in a Bangkok street market, enjoying your meal in a tuk tuk adds an extra something. What’s more, given the street food-style menu, the service is quick, and the staff give you a warm welcome. If you go on your birthday, there’s a chance a traditional Thai drum rendition of Happy Birthday will be played. A fitting tribute to Thai cuisine.

Feeling the need to uncover these dining wonders? With all these themed foodie experiences, it’s time to discover a new dimension to eating and drinking.


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