How to Up Your BBQ Game

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Barbecuing is an easy, fun, interactive, and enjoyable way to spend the weekend with work/non-work friends, or family and friendly neighbours. For your barbecue party/event to pop or be memorable, you need to improve your BBQ game. The best way to do this is by practising your BBQ chops every chance you get.

In addition to this, here are various other tips you can use to improve your BBQ game and to ensure that your BBQ parties are fun, memorable events in the minds of all attendees.

1: Get the meat, spices, and other ‘food’ ingredients right

When you think of barbecuing, the image that comes to mind is the distinctive, meat-based type of cooking and social occasion where the idea is to ‘get together’ and have fun as you cook meat over a grill.

Irrespective of whether you intend to grill meat over an outdoor charcoal grill, or whether you have a more professional set up – perhaps a modern gas or charcoal grill and smoker placed in a landscaped garden – because barbecuing is exactly that, a meat-based cooking method and type of social event, getting your food ingredients right is of paramount importance.

Whether your idea of a perfect barbecue involves barbecuing chicken kebabs, an assortment of veggies, burger parties, chicken wings, sweetcorn, or whatever else you want depending on the size of your grill and guest list, the food, of which meat is a significant part, will significantly influence the memorability of the event.

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To this end:

First, always ensure you use fresh cuts of meats. To choose the best meat for barbecuing, opt for tender meat parts such as the classic T-bone, steaks, tenderloin, and fillet mignon. When it comes to using the freshest and best cuts of meats for barbecuing, nothing beats the convenience of ordering your meat online from trusted meat box providers such as this organic meat box from Graig Farm.

Secondly, as is the case with meat, choose to use fresh food ingredients, especially vegetables. Corn on the cob is a staple barbecue food in the UK but you are free to play around with as many vegetables as you like. You can grill long-stemmed broccoli, asparagus, aubergines, sweet potatoes, and courgettes; experiment with other veggies and food ingredients as well, after all, upping your BBQ game comes down to experimentation.

Thirdly, your spice rub or marinade plays a significant role in the flavor of the meat you choose to barbecue, be it beef, chicken, pork, fish, or any other type of meat you can barbecue. For each pound of meat, you will need about a tablespoon of spice rub or half a cup of marinade. You can buy a mixed spice rub or create your own barbecue flavor by combining different spices. A simple online search for “BBQ spice rub/marinade” will give you plenty of ideas.

Getting the food right is a significant part of developing and improving your BBQ game.

2: Your garden and ambience play a significant role; pay attention to them

First, to have the best BBQ party, the weather has to be right. Unless the weather just turned nice and you decided to have a casual, impromptu BBQ party, it pays to check the weather report so that you can use it to plan accordingly. The weather will after all determine the kind of facilities you have at hand for your BBQ guest list.

For a garden BBQ event, use the ambience and the overall feel of the garden to complement your barbecuing skills. For instance, you can theme and decorate the garden with hanging lights—if you know the event will go long into the evening and night – place chairs and other outdoor furniture at strategic places, or even think of games to play and set them up accordingly.


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