Using Phones as a SatNav in Used Cars

using sat navs in used cars

Using Phones as a SatNav in Used Cars

Google maps and CityMaps are very convenient apps. Especially for companies that offer delivery services. If you yourself are the manager of such company, be sure to educate your drivers before you go and search for new fleet cars for sale. The penalties for using a phone while driving are now even higher. And if you hire a driver that got his license just two years ago, well, they will likely lose it if they aren’t careful.

Follow the rules and be safe

Since 2003 it is forbidden to use a phone while driving. You cannot scroll through your playlist, open messages, or hold it and talk. Now since last year, the penalties for using it are even worse. That doesn’t mean that the phone cannot be used at all. Drivers just need to follow some rules in order not only to comply with the law but to be safe too.

First of all, the driver must adjust their route before leaving. It is not allowed to adjust the route while driving. Not even while waiting in the traffic jam. The law says that while the engine is on, the driver shouldn’t touch with the device. The only thing allowed is to click Accept or Decline when the app asks if you want to take a faster route. If, for any reason, the route must be changed, the driver should stop at a safe place to adjust it. The same goes for hands-free talking too. It is best to have a short conversation and again stop if you need to talk more.

Some more important stuff

Another important thing is that the holder of the phone should be placed in a way that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the driver. Putting the holder on the windshield is against the law. So, you should have a holder which can be placed in the air vents or the dashboard.

That is pretty much it. Follow the rules, don’t let the phone distract you and be safe on the road. And if you need

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