To Repair, Rebuild, or Replace Your Mercedes Transmission?


If you are like most people, then the first question on your lips when you notice that your transmission is damaged will be to ask whether you should replace or repair it.

Note that both these options can be expensive. When you choose the option of rebuilding your Mercedes transmission, you will have to replace the gaskets, seals, clutch, seals, bands, and sealing rings. These are sure to drive up the price of overhauling your transmission to more than $1,000.

Choosing to replace your transmission means you have a new transmission system. In most cases, this works better than the former one. Here are more reasons to guide you on whether you should buy a new transmission or take the route of Mercedes automatikgetriebe. Continue reading to learn more.

Diagnostics Are Key

After deciding that your Mercedes transmission is the one that requires being fixed, you will have a new set of options at your disposal. Most people make the mistake of taking their cars to the nearest transmission repair shop that can do the job at a reasonable price or quickly. However, it is important to find a reputable transmission repair expert that will provide quality labor and parts. ATT24 is one such company, offering excellent Mercedes transmission parts and replacement.

Additionally, we will perform an extensive check on your vehicle to accurately pinpoint the transmission problems you are having as well as why it cannot be fixed. Since transmission repairs are so expensive, it’s vital that you find an expert that can do it right at the first time of asking. A top-notch Mercedes automatikgetriebe reparatur shop will know the right way of diagnosing the issue and how to correct it.  When attempting to fix your transmission, you will usually have two options at your disposal:

Your Options

Transmission Repair

This is the first option for fixing your transmission. However, it is less likely you will have this problem because it’s not going to be possible if the extent of the damage is too large.

When fixing a transmission, you will essentially be replacing other parts of the transmission system. The option is typically cheaper, although you need to ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis the first time.

Transmission Replacement

This involves buying a new transmission system for your Mercedes and replacing it with the old one that has failed to work. It means you will replace the old transmission with a new one and you should be ready for the steep costs.

Another option is rebuilding your transmission. It means taking the damaged parts and rebuilding them one by one. It’s a little cheaper than the option of replacing it entirely.

In the above methods of fixing your transmission, the most expensive one is to replace it. It can typically cost you hundreds to even thousands of dollars, and this usually depends on the type of transmission that you want. You will most likely hear of a term like re-manufactured. This simply means that the mechanic will replace the damaged parts with modified ones. You will take this option if your transmission is damaged beyond repair.

It is, however, important to ensure that only a qualified and experienced transmission repair expert gets to do your transmission. This will ensure that only skilled people that are knowledgeable on transmission matters get to fix your Mercedes.  Opting to replace your transmission means that you are restoring it to its pre-built specifications.

Rebuild vs. Replace: Which one is Better?

In most cases, car owners find that rebuilding is a better option than replacing. By having your Mercedes automatic transmission repaired, it means you are only replacing the faulty parts and not necessarily everything as in the case of replacing.  Also, the costs to have your transmission rebuilt will be kinder to your pockets than replacing your automatic transmission. This is because you are only fixing the parts that have been damaged and not doing a factory reset. To enjoy the true benefits of rebuilding, however, you must ensure that you choose a reputable and experienced transmission repair shop.

The biggest benefit of choosing a rebuild over replacement is the cost. It’s much cheaper since rebuilding doesn’t have to happen at the factory level. Another thing is that doing factory resetting doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting all brand new parts from the manufacturer.

New, original parts with excellent workmanship

Rebuilding a transmission means that new parts like the gaskets, seals, bands, and the clutch have to be replaced. These are often the parts that get worn out fast in a transmission. The first step in the rebuild process is disassembling and cleaning the parts. After that, a new torque converter gets used and then the solenoids are replaced. Once this has been done, the mechanics reassemble the transmission and put it back into the vehicle. For this reason, it is important to have a mechanic that understands thoroughly what they are doing in each stage of the process.

Trust ATT24 For Excellent Mercedes Service

If your Mercedes has a problem with the transmission and you want someone you can trust to revive your failed transmission, you only have to call us. We will schedule an appointment with you right away and accurately diagnose the problem with your car. We are fortunate to have some of the most dedicated mechanics you can find anywhere and they are backed with the latest tools and experience to tackle any problem. Whether you want a transmission rebuild, transmission fluid flushing, or just a diagnosis, you can count on the guys at ATT24 to be more than you need.

At ATT24, our engineers are driven by an urge to give you the best repair service and also ensure you get a long-lasting solution. We will also give you a rental car that’s fully paid for to use during the time that we are fixing your transmission. Also, we tow the car where it is stuck without you paying for it. If your transmission has problems, do the simplest of tasks and arrange an appointment with us. It will be checked out as soon as possible and be given a solution that lasts.


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